nursemyra thought she would stay home and cook tonight. I was very keen to make a rice pudding but somehow got waylaid.

First take the Guts of a young hog, and wash them very clean

this is the initial instruction in a recipe for ambergris pudding, obviously a popular aphrodisiac in the 16th century that could prove equally so at the Gimcrack. for the jugulaterly challenged among us, Urbain Dubois*  offered a more palatable apple dumpling that could be recreated without the need to unjoint a pig though I’m not sure how adept I’d be at soldering paste.

Yet it was A Learned Dissertation on the Dumpling (its Dignity, Antiquity and Excellence) that finally caught my eye. 18th century dumplings were wrapped around a variety of birds, all prepared in their own special way. Accomplisht Ladies or their servants were instructed to ‘lift that swan, rear that goose, unbrace that mallard, wing that partridge or allay that pheasant’

hmmm… sounds like a lot of work. and how catastrophic might it be if you accidently unbraced the partridge or winged the goose. could your goose still be cooked?

I made a very plain rice pudding with raisins soaked in walnut liquor. it’s aphrodisiacal qualities have yet to be ascertained but thankfully no musk deer were filleted in the process.

* Urbain Dubois? how cool were his parents?

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  1. >>First take the Guts of a young hog, and wash them very clean

    I hope it went on to say: “… and throw them away and proceed to your nearest sushi bar…”

  2. no I’m sorry to say that the next lines were “…and then take two pounds of the best hogs fat…”

  3. No…be greedy and take two pounds of the best hog fat and so to the sushi bar!!

    Great blog with usual stuff.


  4. unfortunately my local sushi bar has a security guard who frisks all customers for hog fat before they allow entry. nice idea though.

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