diving for pearls

you don’t really need to know how nursemyra’s mind works but in my own defence I came upon this site while trying to remember the lyrics to an old elvis costello song.

It is important to note that not all sexual partners enjoy the feeling of genital beads.

maybe they might like to add that not all sexual partners enjoy the associated look either. but I felt a strange attraction to the single star studded variety further down the page. sometimes less is more. I’ve memorised the procedure from the helpful photographs so any boys out there who want to freshen up their look are welcome to drop by the Gimcrack tomorrow. nursemyra will be on duty from 9:00 am.

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  1. If this apparently missing link is anything like the pathology text one of my med school buddies (they were in med school – I was in grad school) showed me during a drunken bull session in 1985, then your readership is in for a treat.

  2. Well, morbid curiousity got the better of me and I can say that I see why I never consciously considered sexual activity with ball bearings.

  3. but how about sexual activity with stars?

  4. I’m circumspect about that also . . . .

  5. Come to think of it, one of the ‘gentlemen’ in the link bore a disturbing resemblance to a Dalek.

  6. And I really don’t remember “It is important to note that not all sexual partners enjoy the feeling of genital beads” being a line in any song from ‘My Aim is True’

  7. As if it isn’t enough of a hassle going through airport security already.

  8. FFF: yes I saw the dalek resemblance too. was that last comment of yours an expression of doubt? nursemyra always tells the truth 🙂

    Anaglyph: but maybe a little extra hardware could distract customs when I’m trying to sneak in a shipment of THOSE SPECIAL mosquito zappers

  9. Well, it has been three decades since I last had a copy of the album . . .

  10. hmmmmm…… “Shipbuilding” is not my favourite EC song but it’s pretty good. I think it’s time to end that 30 year hiatus

  11. […] of course it was the continuing search for Elvis Costello lyrics that led me to this she looks vaguely familiaras well as squeaky clean but appearances can be […]

  12. […]  something else I found while continuing my research into elvis costello lyrics. it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Published […]

  13. D’oh!
    I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on that link.
    Now I know what I’ve been missing all this time: a full metal package.

  14. Ha Ha…. I’m surprised no one else came up with that one

  15. […] a few words from ”Fiddlers Green” was relevant. so nursemyra decided to abandon her research into elvis costello lyrics and investigate the history of spurs […]

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