I saw, I came, I chancred

I couldn’t resist stealing the title of this post from that modern day Caesar himself Final Frontier Editor.


and of course it was the continuing search for Elvis Costello lyrics that led me to this. she looks vaguely familiar as well as squeaky clean but appearances can be deceiving. thank you to the US Army’s public relations machine for this sage advice.

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  1. She looks familiar.

  2. so she DID get more poster work….

  3. I do notice a striking resemblance to a lady who used to work in one of the ‘offices’ in Waterloo Street, Oldham.

    If only the writ (and the might publicity machine) of the US armed forces had extended to the West Pennines, then perhaps I would have been saved a rather lengthy ‘discussion’ with Mrs Blunt, all those years ago.

    I’m certainly an advocate of compulsory testing for STDs since that occasion, I can tell you.

  4. Funny thing . . . . it’s been observed mainly in the breach since the 1960’s, but most states’ public health laws and regulations mandate reporting of STDs. Given the Reagan revolution’s bifurcated “don’t talk about AIDS/cast AIDS victims into the fires of hell” policies, the resulting social backlash on privacy grounds has meant that the control of several rather nasty little bugs seems to have gone by the wayside in the U.S..

  5. Now I really want some backstory on these – this? – poster girl(s). Just semi-morbid curiosity but still.

  6. BB: thomashamburgerjnr is going to be delighted with this little piece of information about your murky past

    FFF: privacy rules and regulations are what keeps this blog PG rated. if I were allowed to tell all….

    RaJ: privacy rules and regulations do not permit me to reveal my grandmother’s identity

  7. Well, we’re not supposed to publicly list who has the drip . . . . .

  8. the drip? I haven’t heard it called that since Churchill was PM

  9. I thought that might be a little more charming than ‘dose,’ ‘clap’ or ‘love bug’

  10. you have a strange idea of what’s charming…..

    but it works for me

  11. Non-traditional touches often work wonders, so give the gift of penicillin . . . .

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