aural examination

so nursemyra’s been tagged by Harry McFry who thinks her choice of music might reveal what goes on in her evil mind. he’s restricted me to seven choices so you won’t find out too much….

when assisting with an orchidectomy I like Sonic Youth’s Dirty

disinfecting instruments is a job I like to take my time with. Flaming Lips’ Flight Test is about the right tempo

crushing a ganglion with the hospital bible suits Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand

handing out continence pads works well with Beck’s Sea Change

phoning the plumber to come unblock the toilets yet again – Twice the Man by Schvendez

background music during art therapy – Houdini by Perpetual Ocean

Happy Hour – Closed on Account of Rabies – The Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

make of it what you will. I’m just waiting on the meds to kick in….

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  1. A fearful (and sobering) insight indeed, Nurse Myra. Much as I now regret peering into the dark depths of your aural, will you let us know who you’ll be tagging next?

    Kind Regards

    PS I shall have to look out the Edgar Allan Poe collection.

  2. I own it; it’s genius.

  3. A 19 gauge hyperdermic needle has quite a large bore. Many years ago, I was a student nurse coming to the end of long night shift. I was inquisitive like nursemyra, even at that tender age. It was first light, and the adolsecents in our charge were rousing. The senior male nurse readied the syringe and needle with the required dosage. together we made our way to the bedside. Our manner impeccable. It was time for her medication. This substance could only be given via this route and with this huge needle. I’ve forgetten if this medication melted the plastic syringe and needed to be adminstered quickly or it was thick and therefore painful. I calmed the girl with the nursing skills of an innocent. The early summer light was streaming through the high domitory windows. We looked at each other; a wry look came over our faces; the treatment must be adminstered. As nursemyra knows an invisible cross is marked on the buttock which is to receive the delicate prick. I pointed to the upper right quardant of the exposed R buttock. Our change was calm; we were just perceptably perspiring. Then, the senior nurse dart-like throws the needle towards the naked buttock. But, it bounced back. “Oh!”, we said. The girl reclined like a wine nymph unfazed. More awakening movement around us; some thoughful looks. Wordlessly, the senior nurse prepared for a re-try. The needle flew towards that quadrant making a very deep trough in that flabby buttock, but he was unsuccessful in piercing her skin. We jumped back and said “Ahhh!” we looked back towards each other gringing. Again, he said. This dedication to task and duty has served as a silent beacon throughout my nursing career. The girl remained laying down unpreturbed by our nursing care. We could stand it no more, and withdrew to leave it to the morning staff. But, by this time all the others were out of their beds and were slowly coming around the two of us.

    And, now I find I’m reading nursemyra’s stories from those in her care, and she has dredged this little memory to the surface of an ageing psychiatric
    nurse. Did I want this memory back, or is it just the tip of all the things I’ve put aside? One moment I am smiling ’cause it cannot be true, but then I’m weeping; for it must all be so.

  4. Raincoaster: I knew we’d share a cd collection when I read your post on the 9 inch nailer

    Mr Vesuvio: a wine nymph with a flabby buttock? oh that really doesn’t conjur up a pretty picture. but as you and I know – psychiatric nursing is a vocation. many are called but few are chosen. wear your halo with pride

  5. ‘Houdini’ soothes my raging commuter-beast brain on a regular basis. Should trigger some interesting artistic effects…

  6. Alas, Mr Vesuvio has also struck a nerve – or might that be an artery? with my own fond recollections of being taught to spear the ‘invisible cross’. Ah, for those fond, freewheeling days, when to be a psychiatric nurse was all there was to be.

  7. RaJ: I recommend ‘Houdini’ to all my psychotic friends

    BB: I think I came to nursing in a more enlightened age than you and Mr Vesuvio. we usually stencil John Howard on prickable areas of the body. It’s so much more fun

  8. […] mother’s tongue I don’t generally do memes though I succumbed once* before so that proves I can be persuaded every six months. the woeful librarian has tagged me to […]

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