my cup runneth over

urology_penis_cupping_crank_model_rb_small2.jpg c. 1900 penis cupping apparatus made of glass and metal. A vacuum is created in the glass tube by turning a crank. The instrument is listed in medical catalogues of the time as a penis congestor and as a penis enhancer ,

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  1. Where’s Austin Powers when you need him?

  2. Surely it’s enough to be cupped – but congested and enhanced. Bargain! I’ll take three… (one in reserve for breakages and a spare in case a friend pops round for a cup of tea!)

  3. I’ve got to ask you about the Penis Mightier.

  4. Thankfully, the physical ministrations of Mrs Blunt have meant that, to date, I have never required anything of this nature to enhance my marital relations.

    I do, however, have a friend I would like to recommend this product to. If you happened to have the website address for the company that manufactures this product, I would be eternally in your debt.

    Yours for penile enhancement

    Bill Blunt

  5. FFF: Austin Powers is no longer speaking to me after I criticised his congestor

    Mr. Penfold: I do hope you invite me round to take photos when your friend drops in for that cup of tea

    Renal F: with the penis mightier you get a sort of sword shaped helmet. the congestor above results in a more spherical appearance. all a matter of taste. nursemyra appreciates the look of both 🙂

    BB: If your ‘friend’ is Mr McFry, I’ve seen his wedding tackle and it’s in fine shape. so which ‘friend’ are you scouting for?

  6. Do the spammers know about this? Since they’re always looking out for our best interests – or is that “on the lookout? Hmm… – they might want to add this to their product line, currently “congested” with a variety of patches. I think.

  7. I’m all in favor of penal enhancement, especially taking away television privileges, beating inmates who engage in forcible sodomy in the showers, increasing the ampereage on the electric chair, introducing air bubbles as part of the IV execution process . . . . oh, you said PENILE enhancement.

    Never mind

  8. and I’m all in favour of being *penilised*

  9. touche’, my dear

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