specula_rectal_vaginal_urethral_illuminated_1899_patent_small.jpg there’s one for every orifice. 165.  A set of electric illuminated rectal, vaginal, and urethral specula that were patented in 1899.

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  1. This, too, shall pass

  2. for some strange reason this picture and description has always made me think of the character in Nighty Night describing her vagina thus: “mine’s tiny. like a cat’s anus”

    I guess the bottom one is for the urethra but I wouldn’t want that top one near any of my orifices

  3. If I wanted to get borescoped, I would have been born as a storm sewer

  4. Oh God, urethral speculum! I cringe, double over and run away at the very thought.

  5. FFF: is borescoping another word for getting shafted?

    Mr Letter: then I guess you won’t want to read about this device

  6. Same basic concept, so I’ve been told . . . .

  7. well I never get bored with being shafted

  8. I’ll remember that, m’dear

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