it’s not the coffin they carry you off in

headstone.jpgno gimcrack stories today as it’s the weekend and nursemyra doesn’t want to think about work. yesterday I dropped in at one of my favourite haunts, the local auction house. regettably, there was no sign of the non electric machine but I did see a coffin for sale.

someone had begun to personalise it by painting and decorating but the job had not been finished. perhaps they’d died mid stroke…..

it got me thinking about coffins in general (I’d like a Hello Kitty coffin, thanks for asking) so I did a little search and found a reputable company that creates lovely work like this decorative headstone. they also include pictures on their website of their crafts people hard at work……..

Born in 1965, the company deals with the construction of sarcophagus, cinerary urns and handycraft-items of funeral art with cooperation of experienced art masters. The agenzy boast a particular experience for wath concerns the realization of funeral object.
The choice of hard wood the refines carving and the originaly of decorations are the demostration of it.

Its owners, simple men of good will and talent have given, throught the years, the opportunity to reach the fame of great prestige that new has become the symbol of the company.

coffin builder hard at work

coffin making must be hot work but I’m sure she’s doing a splendid job. I wonder if she doubles as a pall bearer in the busy season.


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  1. Lawks. She’s been working so hard that she’s had to strip off down to her underwear. Now that’s deadication.

  2. Else she’s waiting for the general to be done with the nurse

  3. at least she looks like she’s working. one of the other pictures had a model drinking champagne while lounging beside a casket in a see through top.

    can you imagine showing their catalogue to bereaved Italian widows?

  4. the stonesworks look verily well-doned in my humble opinionated, and i am willfull to bet that it is from italy, si?

    did the casket have a see-through top? deranged minds want to know.

    i am glad you didn’t supply pictures of hard wood or the widows would too soon leave their bereavement behind.

  5. uh-oh nurse, clean-up in aisle 3…

    you’ve just been splogged. recommend you set your comments to be moderated before they show up on the blog. takes a bit more work, but you don’t get slimers like “West Side Decorating” appearing on your page.

  6. yeah I was splogged on Friday too. I’m making wax images of the slimy bastards and sticking pins in as I type.

    they won’t be capable of hardening any wood if my strategic punctures take effect

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