monkey-business.jpgone of nursemyra’s guily secrets is that she is attracted to simian men. if they’re strong, silent, hairy chested, single minded, testosterone fuelled and stinking of pheromones I’m a good chance to be shedding my uniform and peeling their bananas before the day is out.

though I prefer it if Dr. Voronoff hasn’t tampered with them first:

The first successful implant of monkey testicles in a man dates from 1920. A French doctor of Russian descent, Serge Voronoff, performed the operation. By 1930, some 500 men could be found in France with simian testicles. Only the wealthy could afford this operation. It was thought to have a rejuvenating and sexually enhancing effect. The experiment generated ethical objections of all kinds, but most of all people feared that a new kind of half ape would arise. Apart from this, The Anti-Vivisection and Humanitarian Review in February 1930 is very angry about the fact that the doctor was breeding chimps and baboons in a palazzo on the French Riviera.

I know there’s a spank the monkey pun in there somewhere but I haven’t got the balls to tell it…..

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  1. I’m reminded of something a Philadelphian associate often said:

    “Balls!” said the queen. “If I had t(w)o, I could be king.”

    The king said nothing. Not because he wanted t(w)o, but because he had t(w)o.
    . . .
    Though most likely his weren’t simian.

  2. I think we are all glad you haven’t got the balls.

  3. Do you shell monkeynuts too? I’ll be quiet now – I’m practicing being silent…

  4. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, graft no evil…

  5. hey guys

    thanks for the comments 🙂

    I’m still having trouble believing 500 men had the procedure done…..

  6. I suppose the procedure didn’t spread further because some folks just have an allergy to nuts

  7. FFF: you always nut out a good response 🙂

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  10. hahaha! yes, Dr. Serge Voronoff was into some strange stuff. There is even the possibility that the chimpgland transplants spread syphilis or even aids…
    his castle in southern france outside Menton,
    Chateau Grimaldi, can apparently be rented these days.
    Read more strangeness at:

  11. wow! That’s my dream holiday…..

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  13. […] characters here at the Gimcrack is Dr Serge Voronoff who has been mentioned in not one, not two, but three posts before. Serge was responsible for transplanting bits of monkey testes into aging […]

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