passing round the collection plate

nursemyra had to place an order for urine bags and enemas today and I’m thinking about changing medical suppliers. a flick through the catalogue revealed a very dismal selection. UBs are pretty dull as a rule, usually made of clear plastic with a tube and an outlet valve. not terribly sexy.

but enema bulbs are considered a fetish item by some. so maybe there’s a manufacturer out there who understands the style dilemma that faces the bladder-challenged and bowel-blocked patients at the Gimcrack

then I came upon these:


and the Gimcrack’s world of continence management just became a little more colourful.

p.s. I love it when I learn something new. until today I was unaware of the existence of inflatable butt plugs. but I guess the inventor saw an opening…..

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  1. … a PUNgent opening…

  2. ha ha ha…… can’t top that one

  3. Just remember, the safe word is “colostomy bag.”

  4. I trust there is no danger that these plugs could over-inflate? Things could get very messy over at Gimcrack Hospital…

  5. Thank you for my blogroll – I’ll try to use it wisely in controlled circumstances………for the moment.

  6. “safe word” “controlled circumstances” ?

    methinks you people are more conversant with the seamy side of life than nursemyra

    LL: I am a complete novice when it comes to inflatable plugs. care to be my first guinea pig?

  7. I wonder if these could be applied to politicians’ mouths . . . .

  8. But in the interest of trans-Pacific philanthropy, I am willing to donate free use of my patent for the self-threading catheter.

  9. I’d need to see the prototype. and does it come in a variety of colours?

  10. I am all lubed up and ready for testing, Nurse.

  11. Galvanized, only, but it does come in left- and right-hand threads and with a lock-washer

  12. LL: you have no idea how much that comment excites me

    FFF: if you can galvanise into action and produce a latex version I’ll place an order

  13. After I work out the best configuration for the blood groove . . .

  14. I’ll be waiting….

  15. Warning: 70s ballad KARAOKE, dedicated to commentator Renal Failure & Nurse Myra:

    …And that is why
    All the boys in town
    Follow you (B/V: follow you)
    All around (B/V: all around)
    Just like…me
    They want to see


  16. thanks for dropping in andrew. I just hope i don’t spend the rest of the evening with that song stuck in my head 🙂

  17. I like the accent btw – and can I quote that last line “I was unaware of the existence of inflatable butt plugs but I guess the inventor saw an opening …” ? I gotta work it in somewhere.

  18. oh by all means

    just be gentle as you work it in ok?

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