cleanliness is next to godliness


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  1. …sounds just heavenly

  2. Gimcrack Hospital: Where the Nurses are Pretty and the Doctors are Pissed On.

  3. You know how to rain on someone’s processional – figuratively speaking, of course.

  4. Letters: yes, and it’s streaming from a podcast near you

    Anaglyph: the doctors get pissed off when they’re pissed on but the nurses remain pretty

    FFF: hope you’re not time-wasting on my blog instead of working on that promised self threading catheter 🙂

  5. Sunday school was never such fun in my day……….oh well………but it does sound similar to the same sex ‘every other day’ school I attended.

  6. DaddyP: did you wear a uniform of shorts and long socks to school? I love a man in uniform 🙂

  7. Ha! Finally some experience I can share with my Commonwealth friends – for a year I had to wear an itchy woolen uniform and school hat and tie, but that was 40 years ago.

  8. FFF: only for one year? were you one of those child prodigies who flew through kindergarten, bypassed primary school and graduated with honours in the space of ten months?

    are there any pics of you in that fetching ensemble so described….

  9. Not a prodigy – merely repatriated back to the States, and those pics are under seal for 99 years

  10. so the pics do exist….under what cicumstances might that seal be broken?

  11. None, actually – Angus Young carried off the look much better than I did.

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