nursemyra’s fishnets

last night my friend and I were watching sbs. I love this channel on a Friday night because it shows documentaries about sex and last night’s “A Perfect Fake” was riveting stuff.

for those of you who can’t be bothered reading the link, it depicts the creation of very realistic lifesize dolls and the customers who buy them for companionship and sex. some owners arrange their ‘girlfriends’ deshabille and in seductive poses so when they return from a hard day at the office, an upturned near naked bottom is ready and willing to ease the stress.

it appears for now you can only get them in japan though if they become available here I’m sure Gene would be first in line. meanwhile I found melancholy kitties for your amusement. while not lifesize, they are similar to the dolls in A Perfect Fake though they are more kitten-like with less emphasis on the pussy. I don’t want to get an R rating…..


I was trying to find one who best represented nursemyra and unfortunately there is no medical professional on this site. however, nursemyra does possess a large collection of exotic lingerie and stockings so Talullah is my chosen avatar.

Tallulah is a friendly girl. Sometimes a bit too friendly. She’s also very comfortable with herself and her tiny body. It’s difficult to get much conversation from her because she usually begins to undress if she senses she’s being watched for more than a minute or two. She brushes her hair a lot and has a massive collection of stockings. As a matter of fact, when she arrived on our doorstep, she had with her a tiny suitcase full of stockings and nothing else. That might very well be all you need to know about Tallulah.

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  1. “nursemyra does possess a large collection of exotic lingerie and stockings”
    cripes… still practicing being silent…

  2. I find it hard to believe that there were no medical pros on this site….. and Penfold, you do know that the terrible Goddess might see these comments!

  3. Penfold: enough of the zen stuff. it’s not only the simian man that gets to push nursemyra’s buttons 🙂

    DaddyP: the Terrible Goddess knows I am no threat to folded pens. but never forget, bountiful as we are, TG and I make the rules around here

  4. Okay, I got no words for this one. I’ll just wander off and be bemused for a bit . . . .

  5. Sorry

  6. I am afraid I have never been enamoured of fishnet stockings.
    Mrs Blunt has always gamely done her best, over the years, to spice up our intra-marital relations. But the sight of such a huge expanse of flesh, escaping here and there from the holes in the fishnet like a series of miniature hernias on her lower thigh, is not one that has ever induced priapism for me.

    Sorry, nursmyra. Nothing personal you understand. Maybe you have other items in your “large collection of exotic lingerie and stockings” which will tempt us back here on a regular occasion?

  7. I kinda like Morrow. But I’m sure you knew that 🙂

  8. FFF: I have never known you to be wordless before. now I’m seriously worried

    DaddyP: No no no. you can’t give in that easily!

    BB: you’ve managed to put me off my fishnets with that tale. now I have to rethink my outfit for tomorrow 😦

    Anaglyph: ah yes the titian haired Morrow is gorgeous and she is SO you

  9. (I meant to say – please excuse the shaky handwriting)

    Fondest wishes


  10. Oh yes I can – I live in fear and trembling – I have no choice.

  11. Oh, by the way, I meant to add that I’m pretty sure you’d already have and R rating.

  12. R rating? oh yes, I’d forgotten about the dick like a dalek….

  13. WEll, in retrospect, I’d much prefer fishnets with live human flesh extruding slightly between the mesh than latex flush with the net.

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