ultimate fun tool? I think not….

my chivalrous friend  bill blunt  was kind enough to warn me about pocket billiard players when he read my recent post about the game played by Mr Y and the chaplain.

whilst grateful for his concern, nursemyra is a medical professional with access to   weapons of mass destructions   instruments that will curb any unwanted advances.

luckily I have never needed to use this. sometimes the threat is enough….


Cock and Ball Crusher: This piece could not have been made heavier. Made from solid metal, this ball crusher is the ultimate fun tool for every man. As you turn the O shaped edge of the shaft, it moves to touch the end of the rectangle. Use it to hang on the balls or for whatever else, just make sure to add it to your collection of toys.

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  1. Oh my word, this brings back memories.

    The nurse at my school was simply awful. AWFUL

  2. urrrk…

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve seen one of these in the terrible Goddess’s drawers…….I thought it was for walnuts.

  4. Strange, it varies somewhat from my version of the ultimate fun tool

    It involve less ouch to me and more ouch to varmints.

  5. LL: I have just visited your page and now know you deserved whatever your ‘awful’ nurse dished out

    RaJ: rest assured no jam has been harmed in the testing of my instrument

    DaddyP: her drawers? would they be the black drawers or the white drawers?

    Anaglyph: ah yes, I’d forgotten about your fun tool. the reverend farmer is almost as evil as the nurse

  6. […] nursemyra has a cache of these in her top drawer. sometimes it is necessary to leave the ball crusher, the speculum or the tongue forceps exposed on top of the desk but an experienced persuader […]

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