public servant

nursemyra is concerned that today’s newlyweds are unaware of the dangers that may lie ahead.

so in the interest of public health she is offering free medical examinations to prospective grooms. prospective brides are advised to visit their own gynaecologist as nursemyra’s area of expertise is currently limited to the male reproductive system*

* nursemyra is also qualified in geriatric psychiatry but hopefully that would be irrelevant to this offer.


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  1. Looking at the picture I think I’d also look for evidence of a stroke…………no no no, not that sort of stroke……… know blood and brains.

  2. the picture is hilarious! The woman looks like she’s got some sort of eye disease

  3. I’ll just turn my head and cough . . . .

  4. I have no intention of finding myself a ‘Lady Likely’ any time soon.

    However, I will still take you up on the offer of an examination.

  5. I was wondering whether, if I continued to Fuel Your Blog, you might just give me the old once over anyway, nursemyra? I’ve been doing it daily in the hope that some reward of this kind would, in due time, present itself.
    I’m pretty sure you won’t find any of those sorts of diseases since, apart from an unfortunate incident in Amsterdam a few years ago (which discretion prevents me from elabtorating on) both Mrs Blunt and I have been faithful in our marital relations.

  6. Dear Mr Blunt – I think that Nursemyra would recommend a tissue or two if elabtorating. No doubt she will inform us if I’m wrong.

  7. I, also, am willing to test out prospective grooms. Please apply to raincoaster at gmail dot com, provided you’re over five foot eight and sound like Alan Rickman.

  8. Thank you, Daddy Papersurfer. I have prepared a small tribute to nursemyra in the hope that she will give due consideration to my request.

    (I’m the one with the rose).

    Raincoaster: I fit your criteria almost exactly! Mrs Blunt never tires of my bedtime impersonations of Col. Christopher Brandon. I merely have to tell her that “I will of course be including Mr. Willoughby in the party” and she is putty in my hands.
    Alas, I shall not be e-mailing you, however, as my son Jasper recently informed me that my ‘hard drive’ keeps a record of everything I do on the computer. I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been very careful about where I visit and what I say ever since.

  9. DaddyP and Ian: yes, he looks quite apoplectic but her eye disease may prevent her from noticing.

    FFF: cough all you like. you’ve certainly got my attention now.

    LL and BB: nursemyra does not discriminate when it comes to performing her medical duties. please form an orderly line. raincoaster and I will be with you shortly

    BB: I love the tribute! you are one very dark and clever rose chewer

  10. It’s like the movie “Sex Madness” (which I got on a DVD along with “Reefer Madness”). A girl gets the syphillis, doesn’t tell anyone, and then her husband and newborn get it and go blind. That poster girl’s got the syph and she’s going to give it to that stone golem behind her.

  11. I loved Reefer Madness. hadn’t heard of Sex Madness before. will have to search it out now. thanks.

  12. i thought it was something else that made you go blind…

  13. all forms of debauchery eventually lead to blindness. I think he’s been jacking off and he’s hit the bull’s eye so to speak

  14. looks more like it should have been titled: “Bend over – I’ll drive”

  15. FFF: I don’t think I’ll let Raincoaster do your examination, even if she is closer.

    just give me time to scrape the airfare together

  16. If you ever need an understudy … but I’m a bit out of practice. Hand me a banana.

  17. good genes will always win out

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