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my ongoing research into modern medical instruments has led me once again to those fun loving freemasons. strictly speaking this is not a medical appliance, nonetheless I would like to purchase one for the gimcrack as it comes with alcohol and costumes, two items I can never have enough of.


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  1. I misunderstood this one at first. Seeing only the post title and the image I thought, ah. This is about a special back-hair shaving device.

    Deceptive indeed.

  2. I think Bill Blunt might have one of those. not sure that it comes with free devils though

  3. I’m going to try and keep the TG away from your site today Nursemyra – I fear she might be tempted to buy.

  4. And all this for just under 42 dollars! I’m not sure if it’s the best 42 dollars I’ve ever spent, but it’s certainly not the worst. But it reminds me that the next time I’m doing surgery to always wear a turban, and to have someone dressed as the devil next to me.

  5. I think Bill Blunt might have one of those. not sure that it comes with free devils though

    I wonder that you know about the ill-fated Blunty-Cut personal shaver that I attempted to market some years ago, nursemyra? Have you been reading up on me?

    I was encouraged to read in the advert above that ‘the burning sensation ceases as soon as the brand is removed’: that’s alright, then…

  6. DaddyP: oops. too late.

    Renal Failure: nursemyra has a devil costume for assisting at surgery. they make me take it off if I’m working the recovery room though

    BB: I was even more encouraged by the alcohol stove

  7. […] I am not advocating the use of this instrument nor do I know anything about reducing scars after branding. but for the gentlemen who […]

  8. I’ll skip the branding but I’ll have the pint of alcohol for 35 cents.

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