an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of prophylactics


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  1. Exactly what I’ve been telling Tiggz and Penfold – a fine public service Nursemyra!

  2. I find sexual intercourse can be quite dangerous. I have, over time, thrown my back out, broken my wrist, lost my moustache, shattered my pelvis and even broken both legs at once. Dangerous indeed!

    Also, may I just thank you for adding my journals to your blogroll. I feel as if I have been fully taken to your bosom.

    And it feels extremely pleasant.

  3. looks like the wise guy is trying say that having sexual intercourse with HIM wouldn’t be dangerous.

  4. DaddyP: of course that excludes intercourse with TG in your case and nursemyra in penfold’s case

    LL: indeed you have Lord Likely. I think any woman who succumbs to your lusty advances would be well advised to do so in the vicinity of a hospital

    Letters: sexual intercourse with anyone who wears a bowler hat would be dangerous for a number of reasons. think about Clockwork Orange

  5. Thank you, Nurse Myra, I have passed the link onto Heidi Fleiss who has now seen the error of her ways and will no longer try to tempt virtuous young men as she now realizes that she is only a poxy (private or public) whore!

  6. >>A girl who would yield to one man has probably had relations with another…

    There’s a logical conundrum here, isn’t there? It implies that any woman who yields has yielded before…

  7. Now you tell me.


  8. Hmmm. To the best of my knowledge, Mrs Blunt has only ever yielded to one man. At the time, I had no reason to doubt that I was the first to whom she yielded. Now, nursemyra, you begin to make me have doubts.

    Anyway, I notice that this card is No 32 in a series, so I guess there are further nuggets of advice that will explain these things.

  9. Andrew: I think it will take more than a link to the gimcrack to stop Ms. Fleiss’ adventures

    Reverend Anaglyph: ingenious observation! but what’s happened to your nom de plume?

    Lizza: no no I’m not telling you anything. it’s the wise guy you have to watch out for

    BB: Mrs. Blunt was both chaste and pure before she met you. I can’t answer for what happened next though…

  10. Ha! That’s wot happens when you spend the morning on professional sites and forget to check the auto-fill fields!

  11. Professional… whaa?

  12. exactly

  13. I think the wider lesson here is “Do Not Trust a Man in a Derby.”

    Of course sexual intercourse is dangerous. What with all the clawing and furniture being thrown…

  14. what’s your address? nursemyra is partial to clawing and the throwing of furniture

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