food meme

nursemyra has been tagged by Lizza via Daddy Papersurfer as someone who knows about eating. indeed I do though the food served by the Gimcrack’s cafeteria staff is of an institutional variety and not intended for human consumption. it’s ok for patients though.

most of you know I have a liking for bananas and could happily subsist on such firm fruit and chocolate for long periods at a time. but for those days when you crave a little something extra these are places worth a visit…..

the nurse’s station: this is where they serve plump juicy melon hors d’oeuvres. these taste particularly scrumptious sandwiched around some spicy sausage 

the clinic: the raspberry nipple creams we keep in the clinic are very popular with the night staff

nursemyra’s office: the top item on this menu is peach cheeks with a squirt of King Island cream

the staff room: so much to choose from depending on when you visit. there’s usually quite a lot of tasty beefcake available on the morning shift. or some pretty tender meatballs if you come in the afternoon

the operating theatre: this is where deboning takes place. only the best bones are selected and must be marinated for several hours to achieve the best results. It is particularly important to massage the marinade in with a firm hand. after removing the meat from the oven, it needs to be rested. do not be alarmed at the resulting softness, rested meat retains its flavour and responds well to reheating.

of course if you’re not into hospital food you could always visit Strangers with Candy or Rise. nursemyra hangs out at both these joints.


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  1. Super piccy! It reminded me of the cover of ‘Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’. I met the artist who had the original hanging on his wall – it wasn’t for sale unfortunately.

  2. I see you like eating out a lot.

  3. Personally, I enjoy finding the occasional dive.

  4. is that what you call porn on the nob?

  5. DaddyP: is it the original cover you are referring to? or the one with the pirate flag?

    FFF: nursemyra is a gourmand (in the modern sense of the word) but she also loves to dive

  6. Ian: or a porn cob or a porn on the knob 🙂

  7. Strange – so do i.

  8. The original by Chris Moore.

  9. I’m laughing at raspberry nipple creams. Your staff room is quite the source for protein, isn’t it? Come to think of it, the Gimcrack Hospital can also do double duty as the Food Pyramid.

    By the way, Penfold might be needing your services due to a recent decision by the World Blog Council. Maybe you can make him feel better.

  10. The more I think about statements like “ok for patients though” the more I find myself interested in not living at the Gimcrack or equivalent. Must remember to tell my ungrateful, demanding, selfish, money-grubbing children about how I want to be treated when I’m old(er) and (more) feeble.

    So there’s no, you know. Confusion.

  11. I’ve always said this to my equestrian-loving friends, you need a saddle to properly ride corn. And none of this side-saddle crap either. That corn has to be firmly between your legs. And your shirt needs to be unbuttoned down to your navel as well.

  12. All this talk of food has made me hungry. And aroused.

  13. I’m appalled and reporting each and every one of you to Delia Smith.


  14. Congratulations! Your post from May 17, 2007,“Lickin’ Stick” has been selected as our Post of the Day on “The Rising Blogger”. It is a brand new site that awards posts, not blogs. We have emailed your winning badge and all our info. To reach “The Rising Blogger” site:

    Have a great week!

  15. You’re a STAR!

  16. Lizza: my personal food pyramid begins and ends with chocolate. especially the rich dark kind. chocolate has all the necessary vitamins doesn’t it? or am I confusing it with eggs?

    RaJ: well maybe the food’s not so crash hot but remember the nurses are pretty!

    Renal Failure: Sage advice. especially about the buttons

    LL: aren’t you always hungry and aroused? your blog gives the impression that you are

    AG: Delia’s a pussy. and I know you’re not really appalled 🙂

    Judd: thank you so much! I’ve added you to my blogroll and will be checking in daily

    DaddyP: so are you. I’ve seen your handsome visage over at Lizza’s

  17. So I’ll die from malnutrition and/or starvation but I won’t mind?


  18. way to go RaJ

  19. The thought of you winning ‘Post of the Day’ has, once again, left me feeling aroused.


  20. once again aroused? or maybe you mean still?

    does it ever detumesce?

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