the organic way of planting out our wetlands



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  1. They made poster about it???????

  2. I thought it was one of the weirdo teachers from boarding school snotting on me.


  3. Akelamalu: “they” sure did

    Andrew: eeek….’nuff said

  4. Or you’re already in a relationship!

  5. And now . . . . . Australia’s 1923 championship Commonwealth ‘noc’ em’ dead ‘team!

  6. they’re a good looking bunch aren’t they?

  7. Seminal thoughts will never be the same.

  8. .. i used to call it a sticky mess…

    too bad they didn’t have a picture of an eight-man rowing crew, oars in hand so to speak.

  9. RaJ: I’m not going to disseminate with you over that

    Ian: well that would be just too much eye candy for me and Lizza

  10. All of you:

    Come again?


  11. They sure don’t look happy about it, though.

  12. yeah they’re surly coz it’s only happening once a month

  13. I must confess I have led a sheltered life. I always thought nocturnal emissions were something to do with breaking wind.
    And as for seminal moments, I like to think I’ve had one or two of those in my life. But never did I soil the sheets in the process.

  14. BB: I like that you’ve led a sheltered life. It gives me more scope for broadening your horizons when we finally meet 🙂

  15. The 1940’s version of Sex Ed Class….

    Hmmm… nowadays it’s “Here’s how to properly put on a condom” with bigger than life phallic models

  16. well that’s a set up for disaster….

    particularly relevant if you’ve ever seen the doco “My Penis and I”

    PS I love it when I get a new female reader!! thanks for dropping by

  17. I happened by through Fab–

    I saw your icon and well, you know, we health care professionals should always stick together, even in blogland.

  18. I’ve added you to my blogroll so we’ll be seeing more of each other…

    who is Fab?

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