like all good hospitals the gimcrack has a mission statement. I can’t remember what it is but I know it mentions a commitment to continuous improvement. to this end, nursemyra spends a significant amount of working hours researching ways to shorten improve the quality of patients’ lives.

we recommend the wearing of hip protectors for those who are prone to falling but the rate of compliance is not high. maybe if we sexed them up a bit they’d be an easier sell.

this Manufactory has a product which, with a little tweaking, could well fit that criteria.

Y-1702 silicone buttocks are made of high-quality silicone. It has nice feel and can enlarge and prop the hip up to shape the curve of a female sexy hip. It can enlarge 2 to 3 centimeters of the seat circumference and make the used-to-be-flat hip round and beautiful. And no matter whether you sit, stand or walk, it can fully incarnate the natural and round fashion figure. By cutting out in different directions to lead the right flowing direction of the fat according to the pressure on the fat growing directions, it achieves the aim of rectification and recovery.  


nursemyra is already fully incarnate as evidenced by this reasonably close facsimile of her “hip”. but we have several patients requiring rectification so I’ll order a gross and let you know if this product lives up to its claims…..

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  1. …i think you’re onto something here nurse, though won’t these get in the way of their incontinence pads?

  2. more than likely. but we all have to make sacrifices for health and beauty

  3. Rectification and recovery – R & R, Gimcrack style?

  4. you’ve nailed it RaJ!

  5. I thought R&R Gimcrack style consisted of Rooting & Rolling out of bed!

  6. Now I know why they call it a “gross.”

    Did you see that episode of Laverne and Shirley where Shirley orders a Hubba-Hubba Heine? I think that’s the Milwalkee Kosher version of the same thing.

  7. Hi nursemyra, Well, I’ve looked over an awful lot of blogs, but this is definitely one of the strangest. And I mean that as the highest possible compliment.

  8. You truly are peerless (in addition to being incarnate). I hope gimrack patients’ hips rectify and recover successfully with those silicone buttocks.

  9. From what I can gather, and I could be wrong[it has been known], Mrs Blunt wears several pairs at once.I suppose, if you take a fall, you’d Beyonce back up.

  10. “Well, I’ve looked over an awful lot of blogs, but this is definitely one of the strangest”
    I don’t know what Mr Shorr means – it’s just another day at the office around here…
    Silicon – never a match for the real thing in any circumstance especially in reference to your superior posterior Nursie.

  11. Archie: that too! my, you boys are on the ball lately

    Raincoaster: alas no. but if you blog about it we’d all come visit.

    Brad: welcome to the gimcrack. I’ve been visiting Scrambled Toast too and have added you to my blogroll

    Lizza: I’m still reading your blogworld saturday links, great selection this week

    DaddyP: does TG know you’re discussing Mrs. Blunt’s scanties?

    Penfold: Ssshhh… don’t scare him off just yet….

  12. Hey, a J-Lo butt!

    Now, she kinda looks like one of my coworkers… can’t think of who just now…

    If you’re seriously thinking of adding hip protectors, one might consider a Badonkadonk silicone butt rather than a J-Lo butt– more cushion for the pushin’ protection

    You might also want to check to see if this is considered a restraint, by law.

  13. I had to google badonkadonk and have discovered my knowledge of pop culture is not as extensive as I thought…..

    as for the legalities of restraint…. it’s all in our policies and procedures manual. if only I could find it…

  14. I’m glad to have enlightened you on Badonkadonk!

    Now, I can rest knowing that I have done my job…maybe not well, but I have done it nonetheless.

    The Policy and Procedure Manual should be where it always is…have you looked there?

    We keep ours in front of the fire door to keep it propped open for the smokers

  15. Doctor Mom: your knowledge of our manual’s whereabouts is uncanny. are you sure you haven’t worked here before?

  16. Alas, I fear I have not tread on the floors of Gimcrack

    It appears a common theme among health care facilities

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