netsuke not nurses


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  1. Want.

  2. Ahh … your ivory skin, slightly crazed, and gravity defying boobs. Why oh why aren’t you sponsored by the Oz tourist board?

  3. Considering how I have trouble peeling potatoes, I see this as an example of someone’s extraordinary carving skill.

    It *is* carved, yes?

  4. LOLNOTNURSE – I wantz. Bad! thxbai

  5. netsuke is my new passion. unfortunately the most exquisite examples are carved in ivory *sigh*

  6. She’s had implants– I’ve seen them just like that before, especially on the elderly women.

    No big whoop!

  7. Just because it’s a sculpture doesn’t mean it can’t teach you the proper position to be in when being given an enema.

  8. Ivory sculptures such as these prove, once and for all, that hunting is not such a terrible deed.

    I never saw an elephant that made me this aroused. Well, maybe once. But that is another story.

  9. How exquisitely erotic. I imagine they make quite a good doorstop, too.

  10. I think we’d better all head over to Lord Likely’s. he has an arousal story to tell…..

  11. Brings new meaning to ‘cute as a button’ . . . .

  12. >>netsuke is my new passion. unfortunately the most exquisite examples are carved in ivory *sigh*

    Eh. The elephants are already dead. It’s not like you can ever bring ’em back.*

    Personally, I’d be quite chuffed to have my bones turned into erotic sculptures after I’ve been hunted to extinction.

    (*I just had a very distrubing image of zombie elephants).

  13. I’ve just had an idea for your femur…..

  14. […] nursemyra admires many japanese art forms, particularly netsuke, examples of which I have posted here and here. If you’re new to the gimcrack, these links are well worth […]

  15. She’s got stuff nurse myra. The fact that she’s made of ivory is the low point however. Couldn’t own one without it weighing heavily on my mind.

  16. well they’re not all ivory. even this one might be made of bone, it’s hard to tell in a picture.

    she is beautiful, though hopefully no elephants were killed to make her

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