going, going…….


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  1. I do have to admit that your taste in erotica is impeccable.

    Enjoy vacation.

  2. Merci!

  3. Bare on a bear – my my!

  4. no animals have been harmed in the doctoring of this photo

  5. Still missing you

  6. Have a passionfruit drink for me!

  7. aw shucks DaddyP, you’re making me all misty eyed. I’d consider blogging about nursemyra’s adventures but the internet connection here is lousy and I don’t have access to my trusty catalogues….

    anaglyph: it’s on my list of things to do 🙂

  8. Somehow I can sense that a bit of you is still here – like a still , small voice echoing in the halls of the Gimcrack.

  9. Enjoy your down time. And…if there’s a halfway decent wave….send it my way.

  10. [in total desolation][sob] I wanna be the bear!

  11. oh I’m there alright. and here too. nursemyra is peeking around every corner

    and I’d love to send all you surfers some waves but this part of the world is pretty flat. though I did think for a moment this afternoon that I was about to witness a tsunami.freak weather conditions *eek*

  12. Archie, bear up my friend, the nurse will see you shortly 🙂


  14. it’s ok archie. no needles (and no instruments from my catalogues either:-)

  15. Cheese Louise! I go awol for a week and the place is padlocked?!

    Also I gotta say that bear seems to be smiling, despite an absence of meat on his bones. Or bones, for that matter.

  16. Raj: of course he’s got a bone… that’s why I’m smiling

  17. A few of those instruments from your catalogue look interesting – – –

  18. be careful what you wish for…..

  19. – if you happen to get lost coming home and end up in Portugal – I’ll be back on Tuesday. If you get there first pour yourself a drink (there’s some bubbly in the fridge) and wait for me in bed…

  20. I’m bathing in margaritas over here. come on by and I’ll give you a full examination. there’s sweeties in the jar….

  21. [scanning the horizon, hopefully]

  22. Oh ghostly figure, I love sweeties.

  23. and leave my boy alone!!!!

  24. – you can just ignore his little outbursts. I do and he doesn’t seem to mind…
    Sweeties – yum.

  25. patience my patients 🙂

    unless I get bad news from home I will be away all of June. have been trying to keep my special skills up to date but the margaritas keep getting in the way.

    be assured the gimcrack will be fully operational next month with an additional catalogue of sweeties just for you….

  26. gasp! a word from beyond
    could it be? a crack in the gim?
    letting light in?

    our nurse’s away,
    we fill up the day
    re-reading her stuff
    it’s never enough

  27. ah Ian…. poetry for the travelling nurse. almost as good as a margarita during english class

  28. I just noticed your link to shoeblogs.com. Oh my…

  29. oooooo goody – poetry time

    I dreamed I was once used for prac
    By nursey who works at the ‘crack
    I lasted all night
    But woke with a fright
    Cos all of my dreams are one track!

  30. surf twin: yes, I’m missing my daily shoe fix. and there are no jimmy choos in this village. but I do have ultramarine blue toenails at the moment

    archie, you lasted all night? and without the meds? well done

  31. Egads! I just return from my travels, and you have just departed. I fear I do not know what I shall do to get my regular fix of hospital-based smut now. I shall have to venture down to my local ward, and expose myself to the nurses, I suppose.

  32. Oh for goodness sake get a grip everyone.

  33. Sorry Daddy PS, I’m afraid that’s what most have been doing already.

  34. thanks for all the visits guys. have been having serious blog withdrawals but self medicationg with margaritas after work each night has really helped.

    so has the occasional massage. but I could do without the menage of masseuses cramming the cubicle to ogle at my nipple piercing.

  35. …did I mention that I’m qualified to do a full Thai massage? Although I fear I may have an urge to cram into your cubicle and ogle also…

  36. ‘cram into your cubicle’ – now THERE’s a euphemism . . .

  37. at first I misread it as CREAM into your cubicle but either verb is ok…… have you got the hot stones too?

  38. now i see everyone is losing their grip.

    wait a moment. they’re just changing hands.

  39. nursemyra is currently ensconced in a hotel room ALONE. mostly naked and slightly bored with well oiled amplitudes *sigh*

    and I’m in the Honey Moon suite…. what a waste….

  40. For goodness sake! Di dum di dum di dum – nice weather and all that. Let’s hope for a COLD SHOWER EVERYONE. I’m going for a run.

  41. ok it’s the next day and I’m fully clothed again though I’ve just seen a group of local Hue children on tv practising alexander’s ragtime band which makes me think maybe I’m still asleep so I’d better not leave the hotel just yet

  42. During my recent gallivant around the UK and nether regions of France, I was sustained in the knowledge that, on my return, I would be able to wander the corridors of the Gimcrack again, and see life in all its wonderful morning gory.

    Alas, I find you are departed! I do trust you enjoy your WELL-EARNED BREAK, nursemyra, although I realise it is something of a busman’s holiday for you. Bill’s waiting for your return with an eager anticipation bordering on err… obsession.

    I’m not in the same league as your poetic fans, I’m afraid, but I asked my old pal Tommy Hamburger to have a stab at eulogising for me:

    Oh, how we ache for her tender, blushing touch
    The sly entendres, that always promise such

    Can the days pass soon enough, ’til she is here?
    A conspiracy of passion, a brimming chest of sheer

    Accept no substitute: nursemyra is just so
    Beguiling, tantalising – a woman with no

    I can’t pretend to know what it’s supposed to mean. But do hurry home, nursemyra.

    Best wishes


  43. nursemyra is ready for a return tomorrow to the working portion of her travels. organising transport had proved to be rather difficult but with the promise of “three dimensional reclining seats” and assurance that “you will have time for shouting at the shouting range” I shall sleep easy tonight.

    even if my cubicle is crammed…..

  44. My word. I’ve created a social phenomenon. Quick, somebody be sure that the OED credits Penfold and me with the first recorded usages of “cram into the cubicle.”

  45. Oh no! It fell off!

  46. Help him look everyone! – it’s quite small

  47. Finally, an occasion for this link!

  48. Archie: never fear, I have been scouring the sophisticated laboratories of SE Asia for solutions to this very problem and believe I have the cure you require

    DaddyP: but apparently he can last all night long….

    FFF: I can’t watch the link but that song was a big hit in Oz a few years back. I’ll be checking out the film clip as soon as I get home.

    Patience my pretties….. nursemyra is returning in 9 days

  49. As long as the solution is not one eyed with an epicanthal fold.

  50. Counting down the days…

  51. …til that lovely lady finally rolls onto her right side…

  52. at last I have found an internet connection here to support my blog.

    so now you can all share one of my travelling experiences before the gimcrack reopens….

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