nursemyra’s advice


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  1. Define very on your return please.

  2. And if they happen very frequently, is there a recommended sort of attention that needs be given? I’m only asking out of curiosity, of course. Casual curiosity.

  3. DaddyP: more than 6 times a night

    david: nursemyra’s helpful advice is sprinkled throughout out her back catalogue 🙂

  4. Hey, that guy in the picture is having one of them emissions right now! Look at that face. Clear as day. Or in his case, night.

  5. very astute observation

  6. a bit of a sticky wicket, I’m sure . . . .

  7. TE Lawrence had a hair cut like that. He liked a good spanking.

  8. I’m delighted to report I can still access the comments on my blog from this first part of SE Asia…..

    sticky wickets and spankings – you guys speak Gimcrack really well

  9. […] know I used this illustration a couple of years ago but I couldn’t resist raiding my own archives for this […]

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