the time is drawing near…..

nursemyra will be padlocking the gimcrack gates very very shortly. every year around this time I pack some rubber gloves with my favourite appliances and head off to perform  surgery in warmer climes.

my patients here have all been euthanised pacified with appropriate medications and staff are under strict instructions to monitor banana alcohol intake, especially at happy hour.

a good nurse knows when it’s time to recharge her batteries. of course, I’ll miss chatting with each and every one of you but rest assured when I’m wrist deep in mai tais intricate surgery I’ll be memorising the gory details for your edification on my return.

(of course you can still write to me at my email address)


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  1. I, for one, will miss you. Have a lovely time.

  2. What do I do now for entertaining medical information? Darn it. Have a great time! Stay safe.

  3. nurse, i need just one more transfusion and that is if you could send me a quick email because in my housecleaning haste i deleted yours and so don’t have your addy.

    i look forward to your reports of the chaos which will greet you upon your return, for how will the place survive without you?

  4. If practicing all your medical fripperies on those orientals while half pissed on Mai-Tais will save the Australian taxpayers a bundle in training costs, I say, may the wind be at your back.

    Don’t forget to sink a few coldies for Australia, but.


  5. hey thanks guys!

    and Lizza – you can email me for medical advice any time

  6. Enjoy the break. I will only be totally devastated by your absence. But I will try to bear up till you return [sob].

  7. Archie, I’m gonna miss you too. if it’s possible to blog from a nearby internet cafe I’ll do some updates. In the meantime Tether yourself to the Cow

  8. You’re too pretty to go on holiday.


    Every nurse needs a respite from respite care… that’s what I always say…

  9. Hi Myra

    I’ve just stopped by from Lizza’s – she says some lovely things about you!

    Hopefully, I’ll get to know you better on your return.

    I hope where you’re going brings you peace and happiness

    All the best


  10. hey thanks guys…. I’m looking forward to checking out your sites when I get back

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