safe! safe! safe!

the gimcrack’s care coordinator claims to have no sense of smell. nursemyra sometimes wishes she were similarly afflicted, especially when an oblivious patient trails past her desk leaking pungent bodily fluids.

luckily I can always summon traineenurse to whisk the patient away for a quick shower and a dash of deodorant. of course if the problem odour is caused by a failure to practice internal cleanliness then I might have to write off for a fountain syringe of Zonite.


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  1. Fountain syringe? Sounds like she could even have fun with that…

    In any case I think you should be off to search for a picture of one for the next post.

  2. Never mind – I found a whole swag of ’em.

  3. good nurse,
    next time the firemen call at your door, just line up your female inmates and tell the boys to fire away with their hoses 😉

  4. ” few social invitations ” – what sort of party girl is being described? Ohh, the glow of a woman.

  5. normally i wouldn’t comment twice, but I just came across this on “Overheard in New York” and thought of this post right away of course:

  6. homes broken up, few social invitations, and the feeling of being shunned without knowing why! That is one smelly va-jay-jay!

  7. Anaglyph: welcome back! I’ve featured enema/douche bags before but never under their correct name of “fountain syringe”…. we live and learn

    DaddyP: I trust there are no needless tragedies in your home since “the incident” I’d hate to think of TG being shunned for something Zonite couldn’t fix

    Letters: I’m speechless

    Poody: yes…. doctor mom would have had her sitting on a mountain of yoghurt by now

  8. Zonite – isn’t that the green stuff that cripples Superman?

  9. no that’s phlegm

  10. I thought phlegm was only in Belgium . . . .

  11. Created by Men, of course

    I wonder if they have something to take away the stench of sweaty balls?

  12. dr mom…

    i think it’s called soap 😉

  13. Letters
    My point exactly
    1. Soap is not nearly as strong as it ought to be to take care of that pungent stench, especially when there is golfer’s diaper rash involved

    2. Men would never allow a company to market something specifically for their crotch sweat

  14. A post and comments about smelly nether regions… (giggling like a mad fiend here)

  15. I will look to use the phrase “grave womanly offense” more in my daily speech. I will probably also be slapped and/or struck in the genitals as well, but thus is the steep price to improve one’s lexicon.

  16. Dr. Mom,
    You’re right, of course. Let’s just acknowledge the fact that we’ve moved on since the forties or fifties or whenever it was that this advertisement came out.

  17. FFF: you’re such a parisologist

    Doctor Mom: I kinda like the smell of sweaty balls. but maybe not those associated with golfer’s diaper rash (whatever that is)

    Lizza: see how the conversation degenerates when you go awol for a couple of days?

    RenalF: I’m still waiting on the promised arrival of Crimson Paraplegic… where is she?

    Letters: yes, we’ve moved on 🙂 so maybe I won’t bother doing a post on smegma next 🙂

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