not so casual friday 13th

whenever a friday falls on the thirteenth day of the month the inmates patients get particularly restless. nursemyra spent the greater part of the day in meetings at head office but I returned to the gimcrack for the last two hours this afternoon.

knowing that disciplinary measures would probably need to be taken, I opted for a less casual look than last week. nothing says “do as you’re told” quite so emphatically as thigh high boots and a pushup latex brassiere


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  1. Another sequel to the series:

    Friday the 13th: The Glistening

  2. I’m behind you 100%, Nursemyra. Domination Discipline is important in the workplace.

  3. ONG!! I wore the exact same thing to work today!

  4. nothing says “do as you’re told” – I disagree with that
    statement. If you pop over tomorrow, the real dress code for power is described. [It is not possible to photograph the TG – her aura is terrible].

  5. The collar with the heart charm is what completes that picture. It puts the exclamation point on any command you give.

  6. Or you could just be losing whatever is left of your sanity…

  7. Letters: Nice try, but there’ll be no pics of nursemyra’s “glistening”

    Lizza: that’s my girl!

    Poody: did you get the same results?

    DaddyP: I popped over. and I’ll be back.

    RenalF: I love it when you notice me 🙂

    Bud: hush now Bud. I have a reputation to uphold

  8. […] that conjours up a gross image I know but hey… you guys don’t come here just for the casual friday visuals do […]

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