bloomers are the answer

nursemyra’s employer has been toying with the idea of new uniforms. as a supervisor, nursemyra can wear whatever she damn well wants  but for the health of the patients the competition staff must dress modestly. Lydia of Purple creates fetching feminine attire that looks perfect for the gimcrack:

 For some of you new to modesty, bloomers are the answer. little girls quickly became young ladies and bloomers are the answer to climbing ladders, doing farm chores and horseback riding.


 A modestly dressed lady will turn fewer men’s heads. For this reason we DO NOT sew: sleeveless, slit skirts, mid-rifts, low cut neck lines, or low backs. We apologize if this offends anyone but our goal is to help both ladies and men keep from inciting lasciviousness (wrong lusts). We view this as a sewing ministry and only want to plant good seeds.

nursemyra is very impressed with Lydia’s line of thinking as there’s a lot of ladder climbing and horseback riding to be done in our hospital though not so many farm chores.

however the main reason she is drawn to Lydia’s site is her laudable goal of keeping others from inciting lasciviousness as past readers know what effect this can have on the patients.

tomorrow I will submit my recommendations to the uniform committee. in the meantime, nursemyra and her fellow supervisors will continue to adhere to the dress code you all know and love so well


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  1. Horseback riding in the Gimcrack! Terrific idea. The bloomers will stop ’em from riding bareback. Glad to know you aren’t abandoning your regular uniform yet. Ample air circulation around the lower body is good for your nether regions.

  2. I must say, a ministry for modesty in dress is a good thing. Just as a ministry for silly walks was a good thing. Provided I can have the job of Chief Inspector of clothing. In a totally non-lascivious way, of course. Yeah, that’s right – non-lascivious. That’s me!

  3. Don’t we all want to plant good seeds?

  4. Modest dress doesn’t command the respect that the vinyl nurse with the iron cross emblem and the knee-high boots with the severe nine-inch heel does.

  5. Nurse o nurse, I’m terribly late – I am so sorry. We had a sunny day yesterday and it threw me completely. Please don’t give me a dressing down but do continue dressing up. Please

  6. Lizza: you fresh air fiend you 🙂

    Archie: and we still need a good handyman too

    Letters: not the evil among us

    RenalF: that’s why the supervisors get to wear latex and the juniors are clothed modestly. nothing to do with lasciviousness or a lack thereof. nothing at all

    DaddyP: unfortunately, you still have to receive the dressing down. tardiness shows a lack of respect and must be discouraged *sigh*

  7. Speaking as a guy of the male gender persuasion, my brain seems able to fight through pretty much any imaginable anti-lasciviousness barrier. I think we’re “wired” that way.

    That’s one of the things I think certain super-strict Middle Eastern societies don’t quite understand: no matter how much you cover up and obscure, you don’t stop a man’s imagination; you might even increase the mystery and challenge.

    But by all means try the bloomers because “novelty.”

  8. LOL I love that web site! I wonder where Lydia lives? She looks like a Mennonite!

  9. RaJ: so the next time we have casual friday I should cover up more?

    Poody: and did you read her description of the unmarried daughters waiting on husbands?

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