at last! a use for faeces


some days it seems as though the gimcrack is awash with faeces. though nursemyra is in the fortunate position of not having to deal with any of the patients’ bodily waste products, there are still plenty of aural and olfactory clues to remind me that not all of it is initially deposited in a toilet.

luckily, on the other side of the world, some plucky Iranians ran a study that may have uncovered an acceptable use for the faeces that formicates in our hallways

Human faeces can contain significant B12. A study has shown that a group of Iranian vegans obtained adequate B12 from unwashed vegetables which had been fertilised with human manure. Faecal contamination of vegetables and other plant foods can make a significant contribution to dietary needs, particularly in areas where hygiene standards may be low. This may be responsible for the lack of aneamia due to B12 deficiency in vegan communities in developing countries.

Of course, one would need to consider those of our patients who find the thought of ingesting human faeces with their beetroot somewhat unpalatable. perhaps we could make savoury jello which is a popular item on the gimcrack’s menu. after all,  they’ve already shown willingness to eat cow’s hooves…..


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  1. Ah, a positive spin on that invective, “est shit and die . . . .”

  2. Another face of faeces – useful stuff Nursemyra!

  3. It raises an interesting conundrum with the Vegans though – if they’re ingesting human faeces can they be said to be properlyVegan? Unless it’s Vegan faeces, of course.

  4. anaglyph makes a valid point.

    what i can’t figure out is the e coli factor. whenever you read about beaches polluted by sewage, they always say it’s because of e coli, and give a ppm count and such. now some people are actually deriving nourishment from what makes swimmers sick?

    perhaps you could add some fertiliser-free science to our body of knowledge, nursemyra? that is, if you’ve the time to squeeze out another post

  5. What a crock of–


    Sorry. On the plus side, you’ve earned a lovely new sidebar award.

  6. Sure, you get your proper daily intake of B12, but your breath is absolutely horrid. No amount of Altoids can fix that.

  7. FFE: betcha wish I had a ‘self edit’ button on my comments Mr Editor 🙂 Radioactive Jam has one…

    DaddyP: it took me a minute to get that

    Anaglyph & Letters: I think you two guys should get together and discuss quantum fisicks. I’ll stick with the hospital stuff

    RaJ: hey thanks my man! may your monkeys treble and grow

    RenalF: I guess they just kiss other vegans…..

  8. Wow – can you say “giardia”, “hepatitis” (OK – I am guessing about hepatitis being spread by feces), worms of all sorts – especially if, as is noted the contribution of feces to nutrition may be greater where hygiene standards are low. Lower hygiene standards paves the way for a whole host (hah, “host”, “parasite”, get it..l. nevermind) of disease vectors/parasites/symbionts/poopy-butt causitive agents.

    overall – eeewww.

  9. I am FULL of it.

  10. wait, wasn’t Faeces Rod Stewart’s old band?

  11. and suppose I happened to mean Erhard Seminar Training? Huh? Huh?

  12. Last I heard they were making protein shakes of feces

    Yes, hepatitis and ecoli are serious side effects, but think of the source of B12!

  13. LL: yes you are 🙂

    FFE: nice try

  14. thanks, i thought it was particularly swave and deboner . . . .

  15. better watch you don’t slip while using deboner

  16. You must have been reading too much on frictional coefficients . . . .

  17. I had to wikipedia that but I’m not sure I’m any the wiser

  18. Just being smutty with physics, that’s all.

  19. I’m still impressed

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