the importance of fibre


as the body ages, a lot of things slow down or don’t work so well. the gimcrack’s recent gastro outbreak loosened quite a few ageing backed up bowels in a most unpleasant manner but that’s all behind us now.

unfortunately, some patients have once again found themselves in a clogged up state despite our nagging to drink more fluids and eat more prunes and above all to stop straining as it aggravates those nasty haemorroids. I’ve even threatened them with using this:


of course, it will only help the milder cases. when there is no alternative left nursemyra books them in with Dr. Faustus who uses an ancient and effective instrument with 100% success. but please, take nursemyra’s advice, eating fibre is a lot less painful


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  1. Porridge with sultanas and honey for brekky. I’m safe 🙂 I think Haggis would do the job as well.

  2. That cryotherapy thing is amazing. Ah, the wonders of modern science. The other one looks just plain scary.

    You’re right, eating fruit is less painful. And there are fun ways to eat them too! Especially with a partner.

  3. At first, I thought the second image was a juicer . . .

  4. I’m in a field now – grazing!!!

  5. Why can’t they make a fiber beer? Then my colon would be the second-strongest muscle in my body. My first strongest muscle? That’s a secret.

  6. aaaaAAAAAAAAaaaahhhh!

  7. ummm…. Jam….. was that a sigh of pleasure?

  8. There are two things I absolutely hate about my job

    1. Snot…….horrifying
    2. Having to clean out rectums through using implements or digital stimulation or removal of impactions

    That’s it…..I’m going to quit and become a sex slave

  9. hmmm… give me snot over vomit any day.

  10. More like “screaming while running in circles.”

    But I’m better now.

  11. I am so glad to hear that 🙂

  12. Rectum? It damn near killed ‘im!

  13. FFF: my dad used to say that. hey, how old are you again?

  14. Some things are simply timeless . . . .

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