how to inject the unwary


now pay careful attention to nursemyra. she wants you to look deeply into the placido. wait until you feel pleasantly confused then move on to the next picture.


try the placido again while I get my tools ready


ok now look at this diagram of two nurses practising bandaging techniques


there now. that didn’t hurt a bit did it?

*** many thanks to my friend Beach Bum who surfed over with this previously undiscovered picture of nursemyra and her bandage coach

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  1. This is getting very educational Nursemyra – thank you

  2. You have me mesmerised, as usual.

  3. Just so you know, whomever did the bandaging would not get checked off that requirement as a nursing student.

    The bandages, while wrapped in a nice chevron pattern, fail to meet the standard criteria for length

    Please note… the elastic compression bandage on the student nurse’s right leg only extends just inferior to her patella. Whereas the elastic compression bandage is significantly more superior to the patella

    I would have to give this skill a “C”

    Sorry– you could always try again!

  4. I often find myself stuck in a pleasantly confused state of mind.

  5. I bet the nurse in white put that bandage on the nurse with the braided pigtail’s knee. Reciprocation… that’s what it’s all about.

  6. see? it worked. none of you felt the injection

  7. A) yes, I felt the sting in my cheek, so to speak, and B) those weren’t bandages as much as they were puttees . . . .

  8. and not very well-wrapped puttees, he said as he foamed at the mouth and fell over backwards . . . . .

  9. ah yes. that’s a very funny john cleese thing you’ve got showing over at your place 🙂

  10. I’ve some more under the floorboards.

  11. that sounds scarily like something fred west would have said.

    but I’m tempted to come over all the same

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  13. I’ve a few more shots for you … busy on the beach these days but will forward what I’ve trawled up for your delectation & delight xx

    PS – can you help out on our 1st aid training nights?

  14. the nurse would be delighted to lend a hand 😉

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