the treat cabinet

nursemyra received a new catalogue in the post today. it was unusual in that it came from Shanghai, most of the catalogues we receive by mail originate in australia.

I glanced through it  and discovered on page 16 a picture of a 2 drawer metal contraption on wheels that looked remarkably like a dressings trolley. confusingly, it was called a Treat Cabinet. the trolley we nurses wheel around the gimcrack contains needles, preinjection swabs, kidney dishes, sterile dressings, gloves, antiseptic solution etc but nothing that remotely fits in to the category of ‘treats’.

the shanghai congyun trade development company would appear to be a compassionate bunch of people. they wish to be

Taking care of your elder gentles and ladies by the products as following


perhaps in shanghai the elder gentles and ladies might consider dressings to be a treat but our patients are rather more demanding and expect items that fall into this category to be either intoxicating, fattening or stimulating which is why our treat trolley (if we had one) would look more like this


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  1. The Shanghai Congyun Trade Development Company doesn’t show the operator of their Treat Trolley though. You have an unfair advantage.

    The SCTDC trolly operator might look like… oooo, er…. this maybe…

  2. Although your Treat Trolly appears to be incredibly sexy, I do consider a good sterile dressing to be quite the treat from time to time. Cheers!!

  3. As an elderly gent I’d definitely go for your selection Nursemyra – you are always so thoughtful.

  4. Oh no, I’ve seen that machine before. That’s one of them electric prostate stimulators that they usually use to harvest certain precious bodily fluids from dead males. I saw it on an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. But the medical personel explaining the equipment was nowhere near as attractive.

  5. Anaglyph: I have to be a paid member to access your link. what sort of clubs are you joining these days?

    Matt-Man: a good sterile dressing? I see what you mean

    DaddyP: your welfare is always close to my heart

    RenalF: once again you’re on the ball

  6. “intoxicating, fattening or stimulating” – and I’m guessing most of your patients go for a trifecta in each race.

  7. Hmmm… that’s weird. I just got there via a search. And I still can…

  8. RaJ: indeed they do!

    Anaglyph: still no access for me. I get a message saying hotlinking is not allowed for free accounts 😦

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