a serious post

the person nursemyra loves most has terminal cancer in his lungs. a decision was made today to discontinue treatment and just provide palliative care.

I am desperate for a miracle. if anyone has any advice at all, please help me.

there probably won’t be any gimcrack for a while

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nursemyra’s advice #2

last week  everyone was talking about that dwarf performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival who got his penis stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

apparently there was some involvement with superglue. he should have taken nursemyra’s advice and greased up with some of her favourite marinade lubricant first


it makes the insertion of overly large objects in smaller than usual receptacles much easier

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casual (sex) friday

not nursemyra’s bosom this week. never fear gimcrackers, normal transmission will resume shortly


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night off

sorry folks, I really did intend blogging tonight but got waylaid…….


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she’s at it again

that naughty japanese nurse just can’t get enough of the armed forces


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once again it’s friday


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feminine high tide

and you thought the reliable cavalier was a strange little tool didn’t you?

Product Feature
Happy pulse (feminine ejaculation stimulating), is the newest revolutionary feminine appliance which noble, is novel and also defeats the enemy by a surprise attack

Through strengthens this silver stick to contact the feminine vagina the frequency, the feminine contracture of muscle starts lower part the vagina, follows closely is having the womb rhythm contraction, the obeying the son palace base continuously develops the cervix, in this time female’s common situation the body tight suddenly stops, following then is one kind of extreme pleasant sensation

Happy pulse (feminine high tide stimulating), if the depth bomb explodes start hides in your heart of hearts primitive passion, retrieves loses already the long pleasant sensation, the feminine natural desire will obtain the eruption which the mountain torrent will resemble. This to the feminine sexual desire low, the decrease, the nature is desolate, the high tide lacks and so on to have the good improvement effect.

This is pursues the high grade life the family to have the thing, specially is suitable to yearning for experiences the high grade sex appeal to receive woman which succeeds woman or the long term life disorder creates is weary of the sex life

If you hoped own sweetheart may enjoy to the feminine high tide spraying of water extremely stimulates, you were allowed to cherish the fervor to start the your travel of dream.

Yesterday, the man was allowed through to spray obtains the most intense natural high tide;

Today, understood enjoys the charm woman which joyful, deeply loves the life why not to be allowed! 

 In 1950, discovered G Ge Ruifen the cypress (Dr. Gra.fenberg) had similarly also discovered the feminine Spraying of water phenomenon (Female ejaculation) the phenomenon, started some people to display the academic spirit in recent years, patted the picture, made public, confirmed the female shot Spraying of water the non- lies.

Yesterday evening, I in that position, only have used several, she has cannotted bear, the leg starts to shake, I continue with I biggest strength, the highest frequency stimulates him. More obvious, her vagina starts to contract, the muscle presses to mine finger, I started to move difficultly. By now I did not know was why, possibly is looked more than A piece, one side me has continued without a halt stimulating, starts the number number at the same time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . Then was fierce has pulled out the finger. Good Heavens, did she spurt! ! Cream color liquid likes the cascade to be same, “whish” has spurted. She poured on the bed, started not to have the rule twitching, the four limbs to be stiff. . . . . . Has continued the probably half minute, after half minute, I gently press her lower abdomen, also can initiate several twitches. Too crisp.

When the female had the desire, in the physiology has had the response, the female causes the feminine vagina through the vestibule big gland secretion to change highly lubricates, when the vagina liquid seeps out the big and small lip of vulva can gradually separate, the clitoris because the hyperemia starts swelling, causes Clitoris to be prominent from the wrapper. The cervix and the womb experience upward promotion, the vagina is apart from the cloudy road junction

the feminine blood pressure will rise afterwards, the heart rate acceleration, the breath will speed up, the pupil will expand, skin temperature increment will be anxious with the muscle, on the pelvis will lift in particular, the abdomen musculus rectus, the chest will lock the mastoid process muscle, the surface muscle and the genitals muscle convulsion, the lower limb dependently trembles. 

Spraying of water is completes the transurethral, it is located outside the vagina, in clitoris if among. Projects the liquid is a water quality, does not have the lubrication. Spraying of water cannot increase becomes pregnant the probability, because it has not lubricated the function, therefore is dumped outside the vagina.

is quite intense, at very many times it must surpass other types the high tide. Spraying of water usually occurs in clitoris and the vagina high tide time (is, some two kind of high tides, clitoris and vagina, but general high tide is these two kind of unions), brings the ultra strong pleasant sensation to the female. Sometimes because after Spraying of water because stimulates too intensely, the female can short lose consciousness.

The female projects the liquid extremely is similar to the prostate gland fluid. It is has not urinated the taste, its nearly no unusual smell. Its flavor actually acts according to the time, the diet difference and various, sometimes also receives some other factors the influence
The feminine natural excited intensity and spraying of water how many relied on the way and the intensity, the health degree, the psychology which stimulated to the nature accepts the ability, the bilateral relations, to groom’s family’s dependence procedure, then mood and so on.

After her Spraying of water, realizes together with her joyfully, do not have to laugh at her, or displays thinks the amusing meaning. If you such later she possibly will not be able again to want Spraying of water. Is different masculinely to is, this certainly did not mean the conclusion, may again continue, with more stimulates lets her obtain the multiple high tide and Spraying of water.

When you already connected and prepared this installed, in front of silver stick insertion vagina, certainly first moist feminine vagina, because the dry skin had the quite high resistance, could make one feel quite incisive and the pain. Therefore, should first use the river character lubricant or the use ordinary water moist silver good surface

Matters needing attention

The heart disease patient or the use pacemaker are durable;
The pregnant woman is durable;
May not and is unable to the baby to express their consciousness the person use;
Please do not have pastes the silver stick or the plug depends on the heart, the breast, the face, in the oral cavity, the skin damages place;
In order to avoid the unusual injury, besides the DC 3V button lithium battery, do not have to use any kind of other batteries, like this will be able to avoid causing the control handle electric circuit to burn down or the fire;
May not drive the time use, avoids because excitedly stimulating like this has the traffic accident;
May not in thunder rains open-air under uses, like this avoids the thunder and lightning injury

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introducing the penis caliper – put your penis in traction today

nursemyra is not averse to a curve. she has a few delectable curves of her own so would never discriminate against a gentleman merely because his manhood manouvers at an angle.

but apparently the good people at size genetics know that not all women are as understanding as nursemyra and have ploughed much time and money into finding a cure for the embarrassing affliction of a curved penis.

Hardened plaque or natural curve, you can benefit from the confidence a straighter penis brings

Imagine if somebody told you at the start of the day that you would be presented with a product which is clinically proven to help with your curved penis?

Would you be interested? Most people are, because after all who wants to walk around with a deformed looking penis?

not me. and I’m betting not you either. so please, take a moment to watch the video demonstration and see how this marvellous invention makes peanut boy grow into a man in the space of five flying months.

hell, don’t just stop at the video, check out the endorsements of “Supra”, “Anonymous” and “Wrath”. It must work because they’ve posted their pictures to prove it…….

“In conclusion, to all the disboleavers on penis enlargement just ask me”

but don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs like the one shown here on the left. it’s essential you only buy the approved and accredited SizeGenetics model


and whatever you do don’t scroll down to the picture of what happens if you try to hang weights off your wanger. you have been warned!

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opening up other options

Well, the aphrodisiacal eggs did not bring about the desired result so Lily may have to resort to other measures. nursemyra wonders if there’s a possibility she may find solace with the company of a reliable cavalier


Product Description
One sex cavalier Main Body
Remote Controller With One Attached Battery
Optional Fittings:Various Emulational penises
Mount an emulational penis on the joint in upper hole of sex cavalier main body
please firstly make a bla-nk trial run controlled by remote controller and contact human body after con-firmation that sex cavalier works at the lowest speed;human body contact part sh-ould be enough lubricated(human body luboil).
This apparatus is riding type sexual love machine and users are advised to use it on plane with fixed armrests (such as bed, sofa, etc.).
Any damages to this product from users, misuse or force majeure are out of guarantee scope.
Hypertension patients, heart disease patients, gynecopathy patients and ot-her people who are not fit for strong stimulation are forbidden to use this product;
Do not put hand or small body into the hole of sex cavalier Main Body when this product is turned on. (though there is no any danger when this produ-ct is normally used.);

Damn the force majeure clause. It would have been fun trying to squeeze a dwarf into the hole…

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I’m so glad it’s friday


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