opening up other options

Well, the aphrodisiacal eggs did not bring about the desired result so Lily may have to resort to other measures. nursemyra wonders if there’s a possibility she may find solace with the company of a reliable cavalier


Product Description
One sex cavalier Main Body
Remote Controller With One Attached Battery
Optional Fittings:Various Emulational penises
Mount an emulational penis on the joint in upper hole of sex cavalier main body
please firstly make a bla-nk trial run controlled by remote controller and contact human body after con-firmation that sex cavalier works at the lowest speed;human body contact part sh-ould be enough lubricated(human body luboil).
This apparatus is riding type sexual love machine and users are advised to use it on plane with fixed armrests (such as bed, sofa, etc.).
Any damages to this product from users, misuse or force majeure are out of guarantee scope.
Hypertension patients, heart disease patients, gynecopathy patients and ot-her people who are not fit for strong stimulation are forbidden to use this product;
Do not put hand or small body into the hole of sex cavalier Main Body when this product is turned on. (though there is no any danger when this produ-ct is normally used.);

Damn the force majeure clause. It would have been fun trying to squeeze a dwarf into the hole…

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  1. A ‘sex cavalier’? When will the ‘sex roundhead’ be available?

  2. OK. First one to use it on a plane gets a Cow Medallion!

  3. LL: Botter assures me that the head of his sex is indeed round and available

    Anaglyph: that’s a very tempting offer. what a pity I’ve already done my plane travelling for the year 😦

  4. I c-ant imagine using this on a plane unless i were in the bat-hroom.

  5. so if you were in the bathroom of a plane and a cavalier were available you would use it? interesting…

  6. So that’s what an emu’s penis looks like

  7. What a weird colour combination …. have they never heard of ‘red & green should never be seen?’

    30.Work Environment: temperature 0~65℃, relative humidity 45~85℃;……. dam can’t take it with me to work as it is too darned hot there

  8. It’s amazing what you can do sexually with what looks like an apple, a shoehorn, and a carrot stick. It’s like MacGuyver stopped being a resourceful super spy and went into sex toys.

  9. … and it’s not the strangest sex aid I’ve come across lately…..


  10. I’ve never seen a pomegranate with a backrest before . . . .

  11. hahaha….. that’s worth letting you have the last word again

  12. […] high tide and you thought the reliable cavalier was a strange little tool didn’t […]

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