introducing the penis caliper – put your penis in traction today

nursemyra is not averse to a curve. she has a few delectable curves of her own so would never discriminate against a gentleman merely because his manhood manouvers at an angle.

but apparently the good people at size genetics know that not all women are as understanding as nursemyra and have ploughed much time and money into finding a cure for the embarrassing affliction of a curved penis.

Hardened plaque or natural curve, you can benefit from the confidence a straighter penis brings

Imagine if somebody told you at the start of the day that you would be presented with a product which is clinically proven to help with your curved penis?

Would you be interested? Most people are, because after all who wants to walk around with a deformed looking penis?

not me. and I’m betting not you either. so please, take a moment to watch the video demonstration and see how this marvellous invention makes peanut boy grow into a man in the space of five flying months.

hell, don’t just stop at the video, check out the endorsements of “Supra”, “Anonymous” and “Wrath”. It must work because they’ve posted their pictures to prove it…….

“In conclusion, to all the disboleavers on penis enlargement just ask me”

but don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs like the one shown here on the left. it’s essential you only buy the approved and accredited SizeGenetics model


and whatever you do don’t scroll down to the picture of what happens if you try to hang weights off your wanger. you have been warned!

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  1. I’ve always found it quite useful for peeping around corners with the addition of a make-up mirror and some nails.

  2. Oh, wow. The things I learn on your blog, Nursemyra. But thanks for the warning at the end!

  3. eeeewwwwww!! Why did I look? Everything was telling me ‘don’t do it, really don’t go there!!!’…… I was eating a sausage butty at the time too, yuk!

  4. This whole post is a stretch of the imagination

  5. Wouldn’t a curved penis be able to get in those hard to reach areas that you can’t get with a straight penis?

  6. I can often be found pumping iron with my wanger, which is how my love-muscle has become the strongest muscle in my entire body.

  7. Thanks for setting me straight, nurse. It looks like the guy is holding a penis guillotine.

  8. guillotine? oh no I’d never post one of those. well, not without a warning anyway

  9. Five flying months, eh? … Sorry guess I’m still a disboleaver.

    Whatever that is.

  10. I think it’s related to a boll weevil

  11. Improved device i need how much price in UAE please


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