once again it’s friday


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  1. Well, any more close-focus and I’d break my nose!

  2. Very sensible – you’ll never lose them using that system.

  3. I always keep my chest well secured.

  4. One of the few things about Catholicism I can support. I assume you’re also wearing a plaid skirt and kneehigh socks in this picture?

  5. Siouxsie and her banshees – they’re screaming to get out . . . .

  6. Reminds me slightly of a movie, Kentucky Fried Movie… there was a scene “Catholic School Girls in Trouble”

    A rack that any nun could hang their habit on 😉

  7. doctor mom – welcome back. I was afraid we’d lost you to the education system

  8. Nurse Myra

    Nearly so… I don’t need anymore education.. I’m thinking I really need a drink and a good stiff…bat to hit myself over the head!

    I must finish what I have begun!

    You most certainly will not lose my readership… just please be tolerant of my playing “catch-up” on occasion.

  9. See? This is how convent schoolgirls turn out. I know, ’cause I’m married to one. By the way, with hols and stuff I don’t think I got round to thanking you for your little link a while ago. Glad you liked the pic. I’m sure I have some more under the mattress somewhere.

  10. well let me know when you find time to forage around 🙂

  11. Nice rack! Can we not get a look at the unclothed version???

  12. just type friday into the search engine

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