nursemyra’s advice #2

last week  everyone was talking about that dwarf performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival who got his penis stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

apparently there was some involvement with superglue. he should have taken nursemyra’s advice and greased up with some of her favourite marinade lubricant first


it makes the insertion of overly large objects in smaller than usual receptacles much easier

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  1. Wha? Dwarf? Vacuum Cleaner? Superglue?

    Dang. When I was at the Edinburgh Festival I just saw a play about some old Scottish history.

    Speaking of Scottish history, I saw a busker playing bagpipes on the weekend – his instrument was made out of a wine-cask bladder and some rubber tubes. He was pretty good.

  2. KY – the state in a tube!

  3. I was surprised to see tv adverts for KY – I’ll have to turn the volume up next time one comes on, but it refers to ‘personal something-or-other’ (comfort? pleasure? I can’t remember now). Kinda risqué for daytime television, I thought.

  4. I used to kill myself laughing watching a show called KYTV. It was on about 12 – 15 years ago now. Heeelarious. Nothing to do with lubricant though. Just laughs. Anyone remember it?

  5. My pub quiz team name last tournament was named “KY for the Brown Eye.”

  6. Someone sent me that clip and I couldn’t bear to watch it. Too painful, poor dwarf.

  7. Many a slip twixt cup and lip

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