nursemyra has a new fascination with russian advice. I mean, those guys really know their stuff and tell it like it is

Urine therapy: Drinking urine requires great skills and caution

“It is possible to cure any disease by drawing the urine through the nostrils every morning. Digestion will improve and the whole body will grow stronger.”

“A person will live a long life if he massages his entire body with his own urine three times in daytime and three times at night.”

People are advised to use urine as eye and ear drops.

really?  nursemyra understands the whole golden shower thing…. but snorting the stuff? and urine eye drops? Lizza won’t be the only one with pink eye if this takes off.


we do a lot of urine collecting at the gimcrack. every time one of our geriatric crazies starts exhibiting even crazier behaviour we suspect they’ve come down with a urinary tract infection. getting a sample can be a bit tricky at times but through painstaking research I have uncovered the Tru-Catch

what I like most about the Tru-Catch is  “you can even handcuff an individual and still obtain a true sample. Simply place the handcuffs on the individual behind their back and tell them to sit down and pee”

nurses, handcuffs and golden showers…… do you think there’s a market for this stuff?



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  1. I’m keeping my mouth shut.[Please refer to comments on your previous post]

  2. Too funny. The French have a saying for people who think they’re better than everyone else: Elle pense qu’elle pisse du champagne. (The thinks she pisses champagne.)

    I like the instructions they give: “simply” handcuff the patient… Yeah right – like you just have to ask nicely – there there, this won’t hurt a bit!

  3. The other day I passed a lottery ticket booth here in Seville that was advertising the ‘lluvia del oro’ (golden rain). Didn’t notice anything about medicinal use but perhaps it was in the fine print. I’ll pay more attention next time I go by…

  4. The idea of urine as a home remedy for pinky eye is bad enough. But snorting and drinking it? Good Lord.

    And why oh why is getting a golden shower such a turn on for some people?

    Nursie, there’s a market for almost everything if you and your talents are involved.

  5. @};- Nurse Myra @};-Welcome back to Cul-de-Sac, you were missed! I think of you often and hope you’ll soon find healing and peace in your life! I am sure it’s hard, I can’t even imagine! =(( Thoughts, prayers, peace, and good karma be with you today and always! @};-

  6. You have to have a lot of free time to massage your body six times a day with your own urine. And then there’s the issue of smelling like an unminted urinal all day because I don’t think you’ll have time to shower after each golden basting.

    And it’s good that girl in the pic has such good aim because they neglected to put down any plastic on the carpet. Just because you’re into yellow discipline doesn’t mean you can’t be tidy.

  7. But why through the nostrils?

    I’m drinking pineapple juice right now. But not through the nostrils. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk anything through my nostrils. I’ve had stuff go out the other way, but not in via.

  8. Nope, not on my menu – although I believe one company has bottled it with “Light aeration” so you can “Slam it down fast!”

  9. “I’ve had stuff go out the other way, but not in via.”

    True enough. Manys the time I’ve experienced the ol’ caffeine sinus wash after reading something unexpectedly funny on a blog early in the morning.

    The Japanese are big on snorting warm salt water to clear the sinuses, which I’ve actually tried and it works quite well (though not the most pleasant sensation in the world).

    But as urine is meant to be eliminating various toxins and what-have-yous from my system I can’t imagine wanting to put it back in again. Unless I was adrift at sea, aaarr.

  10. “He asked me to piss in the bottle and the fight was on”. That was the punchline … now if I could only remember the joke. Urine is good for customising leather boots, cleaning muddy war wounds (in extremis) and, when produced from heavy beer consumption, used to be collected as a compound to make gunpowder (the potassium nitrate).See where your ramblings have taken me???

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