clitoris enhancement system

nursemyra’s never ending quest for ways to improve her patients’ sex lives led to……..

 This pump is the best invention ever created better than the wheel. I have noticed 100 percent clitoris growth from 2 inches to 4 inches. I can even use my clitoris for anal sex with my husband. I have the creamiest orgasms ever. One big downfall is that sometimes I passout from the massive amounts of blood that flow to my clitoris. But all of the injuries I have obtained from passing are worth every bone tinging orgasm


hey… don’t look at me. my job is just to educate…….

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  1. that looks worryingly like a glue gun …


  2. You could use the same apparatus to extend nipples.

    There are strange people out there.

  3. you win the last word award this week, with: “yeahrrgggllllzzzzzz”

  4. Two inches? Cripes even before she started ‘enhancement’ it must have looked like a turkey crop down there.
    Of course Nursie you’ll never need enhancing – perfect as you are…

  5. Amazing what people get up to, isn’t it? A four-inch clitoris? Ewww… I’ve seen female dogs with large clitorises like that – they look like small penises.

    Why would a bigger clitoris feel better, or feel more, or whatever? Just cos it’s bigger? Or because it then becomes something you can stick into something else.

    Really, don’t these people have any better things to do? Like, for example, write on blogs?

  6. A bone-tinging orgasm sounds kinda scary. How do bones ting?

  7. I just think instantly an applicator for ‘No nails’ like Ivory & at $114 B&Q do it cheaper ………….. personally I will pass but thanks for the advice

  8. They ting in a marrow pitch . . .

  9. You have got to be kidding me!

  10. In Soviet Russia, clitoris finds you!

  11. At what point do they become willies?

  12. and if you had a four inch clit would you want to put it up someone’s bum?

    mind you … it reminds me of a very odd passage (ahem) in miss smilla’s feeling for snow …

  13. hmmm…. I read that book a long time ago. can you remind me about the ‘passage’?

  14. it takes place in a shower … that’s all i’m saying …

    and has been indelibly imprinted on my mind ever since …


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