casual friday 21 september

I dunno. I’m really trying to keep this blogging thing together. I get up in the morning and I go to work and I look at all the crazy patients and I help them keep their shit together (and there’s a lot of shit in a hospital like ours) and I’m mostly managing but then the weekend comes around and I have a hole in my heart that’s a fucking mile wide.

casual friday is all about the fun side of geriatric care, notable because nursemyra wears a different corset under her uniform on fridays. if the patients have been bad it’s likely to be black latex and a whip or two could make its way out of the special cupboard. if they’ve been good, I might wear white or even resort to spring colours.

well today I wore the corset and I went to work. I drank red wine (maybe that was a mistake) and ate dinner with a friend, came home and took the usual friday photograph.


hope you like the pink and black. someone special liked it.

next friday there will be no red wine with dinner!



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  1. Just words again, for that jagged hole will never go away, for you would not want to forget. But its sharp edges WILL soften in time.

  2. That someone special clearly had excellent taste in corsets. And women. *hug*

  3. Stunning…

    (And a beautiful heart you have…to continue sharing it with us. Thank you…)

  4. Big hug from me too (I wish I looked as good in a corset as you do 😉 )

  5. I wish I could be there with you to help you drink that bottle of wine!! Or…perhaps I’ll just get my own, we’ll each have one, and forget that it’s casual Friday.


  6. I too look awful in a corset.

    Unlike you, my dear Nurse, who carries it off with style.


  7. thanks guys…. really…x

  8. Magnificent. As we all should know, black goes with pretty much any color. And pretty much any corset goes with nursemyra deliciously.

  9. I ninth that all.

  10. Lovely. Just absolutely, totally, wonderfully lovely. Once again you’ve made my day. More than anything, though, I’m sorry for your loss. Truly.

  11. just want to thank everyone for their support and kind words. I have found it really comforting even though I’ve never met most of my blog readers. it’s weird how the kindness of strangers can make a difference, then again everything feels weird to me at the moment.

    but thanks so much to everybody….x

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