table manners from Searchlights on Health

Searchlights on Health, the Science of Eugenics is a guide to Purity and Physical Manhood with Advice to Maiden, Wife and Mother about Love, Courtship and Marriage.

there’s so much in this book that I hardly know where to begin.   nursemyra found the section on table manners particularly relevant to the gimcrack because food is a major preoccupation for most of our patients

15. Should you find a worm or insect in your food, say nothing about it.

well luckily most of our patients have pretty poor eyesight, so they probably wouldn’t notice if we garnished our meals with little critters.  of course our kitchen staff adhere to the Food Safety Act so worms and insects generally don’t make an appearance on the menu. sadly the same cannot be said for food that patients keep in their rooms. or things that patients keep in their rooms as food.

Lionel has been with us for a couple of years now. he’s fairly normal except for his habit of eating lizards. it’s a habit that nursemyra tries to discourage but we can’t keep him under surveillance all day long and now that the warmer weather is here Lionel’s been hovering around the garden at frequent intervals. he mostly eats them as he catches them but yesterday we found a couple hidden in a biscuit tin, awaiting their fate as a midnight snack

we released them back into the garden and tried to console Lionel with some snake lollies instead though I don’t think they provide the wriggly effect he so enjoys.

not sure that wriggly effect lasts seven years though……..

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  1. It was still alive after seven years in there?

    Jeez, Nursemyra. But if it happens at the Gimcrack, chances are the critter will outlive its “residence.”

  2. What’s a snake lolly?

  3. My brother ate worms and soil ad nauseam as a child not many lizards were we lived but I am sure he would have enjoyed them too! Is eating ‘odd squishy things’ a man thing? Will your book of knowledge enlighten me?

  4. One of my sister’s in law used to eat garden snails when young. She later became a nudist.

  5. yuck!

  6. Extra protein, right?

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  8. […] hours. she was rostered on a buddy shift and was being shown how to change a continence pad on Lionel. nasty job but someone has to do it. I’ll try and gloss over this but apparently there were […]

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