beauty advice from Searchlights on Health


nursemyra is still enamoured with this publication 

5. The Only Sensible and Safe Hair Oil.—The following is considered a most valuable preparation: Take of extract of yellow Peruvian bark, fifteen grains; extract of rhatany root, eight grains; extract of burdoch root and oil of nutmegs (fixed), of each two drachms; camphor (dissolve with spirits of wine), fifteen grains; beef marrow, two ounces; best olive oil, one ounce; citron juice, half a drachm; aromatic essential oil, as much as sufficient to render it fragrant; mix and make into an ointment. Two drachms of bergamot, and a few drops of attar of roses would suffice.

I think it would take more than a couple of drachms of bergamot to counteract the camphor and beef marrow so I’ll give that sensible and safe hair oil a miss.

because we have enough trouble with the various odours that leak from our patients as it is.


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  1. The oil of citron, and the aromatic essential oil will mask the beef marrow. Actually it reminds me on the old California Poppy days – – –

  2. Well, I’d try it but I’m all out of extract of yellow Peruvian bark at the moment …

  3. So that is what an arse-trumpet looks like.

    I had wondered.

  4. I thoroughly approve of re-cycling naturally.

  5. Do people give each other beef marrow on their 6th or 7th wedding anniversary?

  6. I love bergamot but only in my Earl Grey

  7. 70s Teen: I am not sure Earl Grey would approve, the poor blighter.

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