casual floral friday 28 september

this kind of matches the stockings


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  1. Oh goody, a new desktop for my laptop 🙂

  2. Well, the floral theme does offset nicely the stark horizontal geometry of the stocking . . . aw, who am I kidding (drools insanely)

  3. I always count down the days to Casual Friday, and I am glad to see my unerring patience has been rewarded with a double-helping of deliciousness this week.


  4. ummm Friday’s just got a whole hell of a lot better for me. Is that I piercing I see or is it part of the floral design?

    Also one more thing is there a blog post that I can go to to learn a bit more about this blog and who you are?

  5. That bra is too adorable! I love it. And am jealous that I haven’t seen anything like that around me. I’m going to have to look a little harder next time I go shopping

  6. Kind of matches the stockings? I’ll be the judge of that! Bring forth a leg!

    Also, I’m not sure if that flower is unstrategically positioned or very strategically positioned.

  7. Never mind that last comment about the legs. I foolishly did not scroll down, or was that foolish at all?

  8. archie: you and I seem to share a love of floral emblems

    FFF: gosh I’d love to see that insane drooling. though it may get you incarcerated at the gimcrack if you do it too much in public

    LL: funny… you never struck me as the patient type 🙂

    Mike: yes, it’a a piercing. no particular blog post to refer to but working at the gimcrack is my job, the crazy patients are very real just heavily disguised (I hope so anyway as I don’t want to get fired). thanks for dropping by. glad to see you posted again yesterday. I’ve been dropping by regularly to check up on Thomas

    Letsnottalk: thanks! it was designed by an australian woman named Poppy King who used to have a range of long lasting matte lipsticks then branched out into underwear and unfortunately her company folded. though I believe she’s relaunched recently in new york

    renalf: never question the nurse’s strategy 🙂

  9. Floral emblems – yeah, that’s why it’s on my desktop – the floral emblem bit.

  10. I can’t leave a comment. I have been banned from viewing this site by the TG.

  11. Hey Nursie,

    These are sites that would benefit from your sexy chest shots:

    They’re for a good cause: breast cancer awareness. But hurry, deadline is fast approaching.

  12. You are such a wonderful tease/fantasy. Fridays have never been more … titillating.

    Have a great week.

    • Busted!

  13. you too bobbarama!

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