latex friday

yesterday nursemyra had occasion to visit the dentist. there was good news and bad news, some of it to do with my teeth and some of it to do with my wallet. apparently the good news was that I could avoid a crown by submitting to a porcelain onlay.

I was momentarily distracted by the word lay, spoken by a handsome dentist as he inserted a large probing instrument between my lips. regular readers know nursemyra has a fascination for instruments, and is also partial to medically sanctioned examination chairs. so I thought what the hell….

three hours later I emerged with a less exciting lay than anticipated but I did get up close and personal with a dental dam and you know how much the nurse loves latex.


today’s corset is from the 1950s. it’s got extra panels to squeeze some things in and push other things way up and can whittle a waist down to 23 inches.


tights instead of stockings today. latex shorts don’t look so good with a garter belt

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  1. Huzzah! I live for these wondrous Fridays!…

    It is a pity the dentist did not get around to giving you a good, hard ‘filling’, my dear Nurse.

  2. Of what use is a dentist who cannot fill the most important cavities?

  3. damn. i knew i should have waited until after work. now i’m ruined for the day. you sure know how to get a guy’s attention, sexy thing.

  4. Thank god it’s friday

  5. Dammit nurse. The underside of my desk looks like pigeons have been roosting.

  6. Please let us try and raise the tone.

    Nursemyra are those chess boards on your legs?

    Knight takes Queen – MATE

  7. @misterwoppit: does your ceiling look like it’s got a bit of extra stucco as well?

  8. Letters me old rosebud, I’ve got bloody stalactites.

  9. Latex shorts with a snake skin pattern… very nice.

    Your dentist is the luckiest dentist in the history of dentistry.

  10. Nursemyra, fracas also visited the dentist on Friday… and Thursday.

    I didn’t have such an entertaining experience though.

    Someday, your corsets should hang out with my bras.

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  13. […] I know there are some readers who, after reading this, will fear the loss of casual corset friday. I’d like to reassure them that nursemyra has not yet succumbed to a life of indolent, […]

  14. so attractive 🙂

  15. thanks cem

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