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regular readers know that we have some pretty horny inmates who sometimes indulge in dangerous sexual activities. the safety of patients is a high priority so nursemyra has been researching a less risky way of satisfying those libidinous urges.

the gimcrack’s budget doesn’t run to one of these life like ladies but I have discovered a cheaper version though there is some assemblage required


apparently you can even design one to fist you if that’s your thing though I would advise fistees to be very careful. never force anything too large inside the anus, it is a delicate organ and ruptures have very unpleasant consequences.

the penis used in the doll above doesn’t look very lifelike to me. grannienurse reportedly had access to a few in her youth. perhaps she has a mould we can borrow…..


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  1. without doubt dear NM you never fail to amaze me with your research and facts that mostly have my eyes watering at the very thought (but also some handy hints to try too!)

  2. nurse, after watching “sideshow” tonight and then reading this, I am feeling very insecure.

  3. That looks like that Sorceror’s Apprentice scene in Disney’s Fantasia, only better!

  4. Is this the goddess variation of ScissorShop?

  5. You could always take a mould from my own mighty organ, should you desire. And should it remain still for long enough.

  6. a la cynthia plaster caster?

    if you know of a sponsor I’d be prepared to leave the gimcrack and travel the world casting bloggers and their appendages in the interest of public health

    you can be first cab off the rank

  7. Also reminiscent of the coffee lounge scene in ‘Men In Black’

  8. I never saw that movie. am I missing much?

  9. Actually, I found it rather snarky and funny, but then I’m a Rip Torn fan too.

    As for the afore-mentioned scene, your etching carries the theme quite well . . . .

  10. oooh Rip Torn? I loved him in the Larry Sanders Show

  11. Yep, Rip is the consummate smartass. I live my life to be at least half as sarcastic as he is, because my community would vaporize if I achieved his level of smartassedness.

  12. and you thought all I was going to do was talk about fake breasts . . .

  13. I’m willing to be vaporised…..

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