bittersweet (making light of a serious topic)

regular readers know nursemyra lost someone special recently. spending an evening blogging (about nursing, sex, medicine and appliances) is one of the strange rituals that helps me cope.

another weird ritual is taking his t-shirt to bed with me as it still retains an aromatic memory. over time I suppose this will completely fade away, but the even the act of laying my cheek and nose against the fabric invokes a ghostly presence that I find comforting.

so I love this sexy ad for men’s underwear I stumbled across this evening. nursemyra is not blonde but otherwise this is a fair representation of what I’ve been up to lately….


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  1. I’m glad you’re finding some comfort – we are all thinking of you, you know.
    Public hugs today.

  2. Hugs from Sevilla, too.

  3. While I look forward to the daily titillation here at the Gimcrack I always have a hollow feeling inside remembering that you need comfort too and wondering what there is that I can say. Hugs from me as well.

  4. It does sound like it brings a measure of comfort. Joining in the group hug.

  5. Hugs from me as well.

    Measure of comfort…..I sleep on the cuteboy’s side of the bed when he’s gone.

  6. Love & hugs NM xx

  7. I have a big hug for you too, my dear Nurse. Although you may feel something jabbing into your leg, as I have just viewed that lovely picture you posted. Crikey!


  8. Woppitty hugs and stuff to you, hoping to bring a smile. (I know someone else who sniffs underwear, but he’s a gasfitter and that’s an altogether different tale.)

  9. hey thanks guys. I was having a bad time yesterday but am managing better today…x

  10. Wow. You made me remember night-time scentsory experiences involving a t-shirt of a high school girlfriend; haven’t thought about that since… wow.

    Comfort is good.

  11. thnks Raj. Love to you and your mother with what you’re going through now x

  12. Sending uplifting thoughts your way…..

  13. hey Olga… just checked in at your blog. looks like you’re having a great time globetrotting 🙂

  14. Dear Nursemyra….although I’m a new bird on the wire I just wanted to say how much I feel for you at this time. You have great spirit …after spending today reading all of your site I can tell…..and I wish you courage to ease your day…sending you a big hug ….

  15. I’m sorry for your loss, Myra. The Auden poem is a perfect expression of bereavement.

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