t-shirt friday

it’s the last friday of the month so it’s t-shirt friday not to be confused with corset friday which will be back next week


I believe DaddyP, 70s Teen and Surftwin are also going to post t-shirt pics today…..

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  1. Once I find a photo (my camera is broken sob!) I will pop it on 70s later….. lets just say it won’t be the ‘quality’ of you dear NM (can I borrow that t-shirt btw 😉 )

  2. O your tee-shirt is so much nicer than mine!

  3. *Gulp* ……. errrrr ……. crikey …….. I’m still waiting for my prize …….. it’s all FMB’s fault …. it’s in the washing ……… my hair needs drying ……… my leg’s fallen off [again] ……. eeeeeeek ……. time flies ………… flies fly ……. ooo ….. there’s someone at the door …… helllllllllp!

  4. Bend over and get ready for your spanking

  5. Only kidding – it’s been there for ages.

  6. I’m working on mine…..hopefully it will be up today. (sorry if it’s late)

    great T btw…

  7. It is done 🙂
    Is it Saturday now where you are??

  8. If you insist – but then does that make me or you submissive?

  9. Corsets don’t need messages on them; corsets speak for themselves.

    And that t-shirt has the first sensible idea I’ve heard all day.

  10. Far be it for me to disobey an order, especially one spread across such a fine chest.

    Prepare for a spanking, Nurse!

  11. Nursemyra…I make the best corsets in the world….its what I do…..but that T shirt is very shapely ….

  12. from the comments I can see that slogan has struck a chord 🙂

    and Boat Tart, welcome to the Gimcrack! do you have a blog? your name doesn’t come up with a link. I tried searching for you via penfold’s and woppit’s……?

    I have over 30 corsets but hey I’m a collector so whaddya got?

  13. Nursemyra… I am about to start ‘building’ my blog….but being completely computer illiterate it may take me some time….I so enjoy your site….and I make bespoke celebration frocks….. and corsets when required…

  14. oh I am SO looking forward to your blog

  15. […] nursemyra is of the small bottomed variety. I think any injection I’m likely to receive would have no trouble reaching his its mark. especially if I’m warmed up first […]

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