balls balls balls

as part of our falls prevention program, we’re trialling a new exercise ball at the gimcrack.


 you know those balls you sit on that are supposed to strengthen your core muscles? well it’s one of those but it comes with a bowl shaped support stand which makes it more stable and suitable for our crazy geriatrics.

the trouble is, not many of them are keen to try it so nursemyra has been looking for ways to make it more appealing. as luck would have it, my friend Mr. Jack of China Adult Novelties understands this very common problem and has devised a solution.


Our most affordable manual device. Very simple, but effective in creating a wild riding experience. It’s easy to use. Simply inflate the ball, attach the realistic 6 inch Vac-U-Lock dong and mount either anally or vaginally. Being penetrated by this device and forced to ride is a hot scenario for many.The E-Z Rider Rocker and any of our easy slip on VAC-U-LOCK products can now give you total control while you assume a dominant position for an unbelievable solo experience. Or at the same time the E-Z Rider Rocker makes oral stimulation with you partner

it certainly would help to anchor them in and provide that much needed reassurance that they won’t fall off in a hurry. because we’re all about patient safety and falls prevention at the gimcrack. with a dash of sexual satisfaction.

hmmm… maybe I should put that on our new brochures….


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  1. I can see that replacing seat belts in cars eventually…

  2. That is just absolutely awesome. Sometimes I wish I were gay and/or female just so I could try shit like that out. But knowing it’s out there makes me smile… God bless capitalism, you know they’d never be allowed to come up with this stuff in Cuba or North Korea. Poor bastards.

  3. Weebles Wobble …………

  4. “Patient safety with a dash of sexual satisfaction” sounds like a winning slogan to me.

    Those things would certainly make Pilates class more, um, interesting.

  5. Space Hoppers have come on a long way, haven’t they!

  6. I was going to say what 70’s said!!!! Boo hoo. It’s not fair.

  7. oh now that is worrying…. for me anyhow :-/

  8. Work that core!

    The EZ Rider needs to be bigger if you want to do ab crunches on it. Just because you’re pleasuring yourself doesn’t mean you can’t flatten your tummy at the same time.

  9. I sat on my balls once, but rather than strengthen my core muscles all it did was hurt like buggery.

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