A for ataxia (or the many uses of alcohol)


ataxia is a gait disorder that is sometimes seen in older patients admitted for ethanol abuse.  when BJ walks her legs form a straight A at all times. she’s been with us for a couple of years and we monitor her alcohol intake carefully. she calls it her “medicine” and we play along by serving it in a cute little medical measuring cup.

moderate intake of red wine supposedly helps prevent heart disease and also wards off macular degeneration, an age related eye disease that you don’t want to get. so I’m all in favour of washing down your B12 supplements with therapeutic doses of fermented grapes or distilled barley.


we have other uses for alcohol at the gimcrack. it’s a good antiseptic to clean skin tears, another common affliction in the elderly. skin integrity is compromised as we age, so a daily application of an emollient is a habit I’d recommend. or you could ask a friendly nurse like Blondie or Ruby to demonstrate if you’re not sure of the procedure.


go here for more Panzar illustrations

of course there will always be people who like to experiment but my professional opinion is that champagne is too acidic for older drier skins  so octogenarians should not attempt to use it in this way.


p.s. alcohol is also good for removing foot odour and vomit stains after happy hour but nursemyra prefers just to drink it.

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  1. morning Nursemyra ….I’m all for drizzling (dribbling sounds like I can’t hold my drink) and rubbing in the alcohol…goes down very nicely with fresh crushed mango……..especially when the recipient is a young a willing male patient.

  2. Using alcohol for anything other than drinking is just plain alcohol abuse.

  3. Bottoms up and down the thatch

  4. Re Mike…… My name is 70steen and I have been known to abuse alcohol 😉

  5. Hopefully Panzar Illustrations provides the inspiration for nursemyra’s costume party choices for this Halloween season.

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