sperm care


as a rule our crazy geriatrics don’t concern themselves with pregnancy though a high percentage of them still like to practise insemination especially after happy hour.

but one of our staff is currently attending a fertility clinic so we’re all about the sperm today. men tend to be pretty cavalier about this stuff, spraying it around at any opportunity, but there are different factors that can affect its quality. emotional stress for instance can result in impaired mobility and sperm with stunted heads. the jury is still out on the tight underwear factor but try to keep your testes from overheating, it’s not good for them. a current publication I consulted is advising you to avoid steam baths and hot showers also.


being overweight is undesirable. it not only diminishes your fertility, but also means you get laid less often. you don’t want that do you?


so there you have it guys. look after your baby gravy, take care of your gentleman’s relish. follow nursemyra’s advice. we don’t give any short head around here.

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  1. My sperm is feeling a little weary at the moment. I blame the horrendous cold snap we are suffering. It has never responded well in the face of frigidity.

  2. baby gravy that is some funny stuff!

  3. Of course men are cavalier about sperm. We spray like millions of them at a time. Maybe if instead we had just one big giant sperm for each load we’d be less inclined to leave them everywhere.

  4. Renal that is one really scary image I have in my head now… the thing science fiction is made of (lol)

  5. why am I thinking of a giant ice cream in a cone?

  6. “Sodomite”? is that like ‘vegemite’? i’ll take mine on toast… with a beer, please!

  7. you like vegemite? that’s unusual for an american

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