yippee it’s friday


I feel quite nostagic about this outfit. I wore it out to dinner in New York in September 2001. underneath something else of course.

usually I take these shots myself but my son’s boyfriend was lazing around on the couch when I got home this afternoon so he took this one. he’s just completed a week long Kahuna Massage course so he’s used to seeing partially clad women.

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  1. Honestly, what happened to garters and stockings? When did this culture lose focus on body-lingerie to concentrate solely on the thong and/or g-string? Even “teddies” are mostly boring now. We definitely took a wrong turn somewhere…

  2. I agree with Gabriel and the get up looks sexy. But c’mon, the boyfriend’s son took the pic? Why do I sense a bad porn movie script in the works!!? Cheers!!

  3. No… the son’s boyfriend. Important distinction as the other way will get you hunted by Interpol. The “son’s boyfriend” movie, however, has the potential for the “switching teams” angle. boom-CHUCK-a-WOW-wow.

  4. Delicious Blog….

  5. eeeek…. no matt-man, as gabriel says, the photographer this time was my son’s boyfriend (they’re both adults – I was a child bride ok?)

    I mentioned it in passing, because we had a laugh about “the things one does to impress their mother-in-law” when he took the shot.

    I have a great relationship with my son, he’s been there for me through this whole last grief stricken 9 weeks since stephen died and I just wanted to include something about him in my blog however obscurely.

    hope readers understand and don’t think we’re a totally weird family.

    if you want weird maybe you should look at the papersurfers 🙂

    (just kidding daddyp and penfold – you’re the coolest family bloggers I know) xxx

  6. Dearest nurse,

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  7. You are a very cool Lady NM …. so envious how gorgeous you look 🙂
    & I bet you are a great mater-in-law

  8. Well slap me on the ass and call me Sally. Next time I will wait until I am awake before I comment. Cheers!!

  9. “hope readers understand and don’t think we’re a totally weird family”

    But those are the best kind! 🙂

  10. damn can’t enlarge this picture like all the other ones you post. I’ll have to get my magnifying glass out.

  11. Very nice!

    Ditto to what Gabriel noted….what’s happened to women’s lingerie? The whole g-string/thong phenomena has made men (and women) lazy. Are there any men left in the world that can unsnap a garter with one hand?

    And….very cool to include your son(in-law).

  12. wow. i need to come to this blog more often. and i CAN unsnap a garter with one hand, just in case you were curious.

  13. I like the way you ring in the new year.

  14. Holy crap… see? It’s been so long since anyone has worn them, or that I’ve seen them when they’re all she’s wearing, I actually forgot about the snaps. And I was so good with the snaps. Great, now I feel like someone from sixty years ago who’s drinking a Coke and realizes there used to actually be coke in the Coke: “oh, right. Man… this shit used to have some zip to it.”

  15. If you find yourself requiring a photographer again in the future, I will happily offer my services, dear Nurse Myra!

    I have a very long lens, too.

  16. I think you’ll fit right in when you come visit next year! Nothing weird about us lot – probably…

  17. […] is that mostly I have to take my own pics for corset fridays. so I was trying to get a shot of my hair in this […]

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