the thing about friday…..


….. is that mostly I have to take my own pics for corset fridays. so I was trying to get a shot of my hair in this week as I have some pretty bright streaks that match this corset. it didn’t really work so I’m posting two today. just put them together in your imagination, ok?


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  1. love the streaks……. had my hair done this week and it is the first time I have not had pink put through it….. aw wish I had now.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I did say I should not come fridays!…nice hair and negligee too 😉

  3. Happy Friday! It works fine from what I see. Nice pics and an even nicer nipple ring. 😉

  4. I’ve never had the occasion to need my hair and my breasts isolated in one shot, but I think it’d work if you try using a mini-tripod with your camera timer set at two seconds… it makes a great six to eight inch extension to your arm length so you can get more detail without resorting to setting up a large tripod, at the same time it gives you better control over what gets isolated.

  5. Love the hair streaks, both of them. Cheers!!

  6. You know I take photographs … even underwater.

  7. Love the hair and the matching corset. It wasn’t hard to put them together in my imagination(allong with a few other things)
    lets see some pics of your tattoo.

  8. Your hair and matching corset look wonderful. I do love Fridays in here. 🙂 I’m starting to think, though, that trying to do everything on your own will eventually wear you out. I’m volunteering to take these photos for you from now on. Take some of the pressure off you. Me being there for you. Uwelcome.

  9. I do believe this is my first visit … gee, no one told me Fridays were so … interesting! *blush*

  10. Love the color…

  11. all these piccy hints and offers are appreciated but I need a photographer who’s in sydney.

    come on down it’s summer here 🙂

  12. Hello. I just thought I’d be polite enough to come by and mingle with the other people who received Lord Likely’s Golden Cock of Excellence.

    Well, after staring profoundly at your cleavage for the last five minutes, I can start to see why his Lordship admires you so. Kudos.

  13. Well, considering what you’ve done to your hair, this is quite literally the highlight of my week.

  14. I do so love Fridays. They perk up my weekend.

    Not that my end can ever be described as weak, of course.

  15. Absolutely worth the effort. This photo proves that less is indeed more.

  16. Note to self:

    Have “casual Friday” at work changed to “corset Friday”.

  17. oooh I’ve got some new readers. big welcome to Ricardo, Ghosty, Qelqoth, The Jackal and Wormbrain…..

    hope to see you again x

  18. You look sexier than ever.


  19. Hi Jan!

    are weekends at Bagimont always as much fun as your photos would imply?

  20. Dear nurse,

    I have located a pig. I can come to New Zealand at your earliest convenience. Please contact me by Messenger at jwgeerinck at


  21. does the pig have a golden tail?

  22. […] I bought a corset for Peg! The dealer got it at the estate sale of an elderly woman in Nebraska. I have to admit I thought of Nursemyra when I bought this. She wears a different corset every Friday. […]

  23. […] big hit with the patients. they match the red streaks in my hair but you’ll have to link back here for a picture of […]

  24. […] I’ve even got the same Red Corvette streaks in my hair. now I’m wondering if someone’s been raiding my wardrobe for inspiration….. […]

  25. […] nursemyra likes toys. I also like collecting things such as corsets, gloves, stockings and boots, lighters, toothpick holders and books on grammar. I don’t […]

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