grow your own galactaphores

I wish I could remember where I found this image.


it’ll come to me eventually but in the meantime a google search for “‘vibra bra”‘ revealed a whole new world to nursemyra. the pretty pink world of the breast growing belt.


The massage vibration was controlled by the microcomputer, it's rhythmic vibration 
can effectively accelerate the blood circulation in breast which will help the 
galactophore develop in health, balance women's incretion, prevent the breast disease 
such as tumour or cancer. It brings healthcare to breast and keep it permanent 
chubbiness and plump. It will make the relaxed and dropped breast resume elasticity 
and enrichment even after bearing! 

but wait there’s more….. remember Dr Dewee’s advice about letting a puppy suckle on nipples to toughen them?

there were some readers who didn’t buy into “the basis principle of physiology and physical sucking theory. And its slight but concentrated effect could stimulate hypophysis to excrete hormone, thus to exercise nuscular tissue stretchy as well as fibre function, also enlarging breast naturally.”



Breast care: breast plumpling & lifting, correct nipple, recover elasticity.

Back care: negative pressure metabolism, remove measles, press cavity

this product would be ideal for those who don’t own or have access to a puppy yet still want to plumple and lift while correcting recalcitrant nipples. gosh it even removes measles, every hospital should have one.

I know some of you will not be convinced, perhaps you have a touch of xenophobia and would prefer to purchase your bosom glamouriser from a reputable firm with more believable endorsements such as this from Miss Midriff Billy Toast…..*


so go ahead. order the american version. but please add 25 cents for postage and handling.

* Miss Midriff Billy Toast not included


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  1. And I thought the penis enlargement spam I got was ridiculous.

  2. I love my country…We have screwed alot of things up but we have always been on the cutting edge of providing the world with perfect breasts. Cheers!!

  3. One thing people often neglect to take into consideration when they consider these ‘vibrational’ aids is that they make noise.

    I’m imagining a room full of women using the Vibra Bra. And a sound like several thousand bees.

  4. so you can read, sew, watch TV with it on…. I wonder if any one would notice at work as your boobs vibed away… I imagine it would tickle so my giggling would have to be explained 🙂

  5. “breast growing belt”
    why dont they have vibrating underwear for guys to grow their stuff? oh they probably do, I’m just joking.

  6. Estrogenic hormones? In supplies of thousands of units.

    It may not have done much for still growing teenage breasts but it has gone a long way to boggling my mind!

  7. Nurse myra I love how you find these things. So strange yet so fascinating. You are a delight.

  8. a delight?

    ooh I’m *blushing*

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